Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Plans - Sunday Recap

Where does the time go ?  Sunday updates in purple.

Of course, these projects have to get done while working around our regular weekend plans, which are:

• Soccer tournament for Beezus
• Babysitting gig for me (I’m in a babysitting co-op)
• Church
• Trip to Costco: Cancelled, decided we could wait a week
• Trip to grocery store
Added in a 90 minute trip to the park for me and the girls, and a 9 hole round of golf for David

And of course, we need to have some family time. At a minimum, we’ll all snuggle on the couch and watch a little tv together for some rest/down time in the afternoon and due to the time change it will be easy-peasy for everyone to make it to mass together at 8:30am. DONE !    We don’t normally go to the grocery store together, but I find it hard to manage Costco by myself (we have a reasonably big list this time) so we’ll likely all go together for that.

All those things aside, here’s the project list:
• Re-hang bathroom cabinets. What a dreadful chore – our 1928 house seems to have NO studs in the bathroom and 1 cabinet fell down while we were gone last week and we figured we may as well beef up the other one while we’re at it. – Done. Took 3 hours.
• Keep living room/dining room/kitchen tidy (I currently have NO clutter in my living room/dining room/kitchen, and God as my witness it’s going to stay that way) – Done.
• Place new accessories in living room/dining room, switch out baskets on top of fridge – Done.
• Tidy up the “all purpose room” (guest bedroom, my office, playroom, library). Wash guest linens, organize and pack away. – Almost done.  Not done.
• Pack away remaining pieces of girls summer clothes. I had already done this and I forgot about it.
• Do 3 loads of laundry. Done.  Organize/put away all of girls clothes.  Not done.
• Prep lunches/dinners for the week.  Done.
• Tidy up our bedroom. Unpack suitcase FROM LAST WEEK. I should be ashamed.  Not done.

Okay, those are the things that MUST get done. Here’s what else I would like to accomplish:  Yeah, none of these done.

• Rake front lawn.
• Pack away my summer clothes and unpack fall/winter clothes.
• Go over last week’s school work with Beezus.

But I did accomplish these other things:
Perfected my simple "fried" chicken recipe.
Hemmed two pairs of pants (with stitch-witchery and just a little sewing on the inseam.  I LOVE a blind hem.)
Wrote a long e-mail to a friend from elementary school whom I haven't spoken to in 26 years.
Made muffins (from a mix).


AwwwTrouble said...

OK, this makes me feel better. But you still got an impressive amount done. But it's never enough, is it?

Marya said...

Ditto on exactly what AwwwTrouble said,

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