Sunday, November 27, 2011

Week-End Round Up

What an awesome long weekend.
  • Day trip to New Jersey on Thursday to spend Thanksgiving with some of Mr. Quimby's family.
  • Visit to the Air & Space Museum on Friday with more Quimbys (Hi there!)
  • Dinner with some Quimby cousins. 
Gosh, I love hanging out and chatting with my husband's family, and I love to see my husband with the people who have known him since birth.  I wish they all lived closer so it wasn't quite so challenging for us to go and visit (or that perhaps they would come and visit us once in a while ;-) .

I gotta add that the girls did GREAT on these visits.  We had a plan A and a plan B and their behavior on Thursday and Friday meant that we got to stick with Plan A both times !
  • Jazzercise on Saturday morning.
  • Lots of outside playtime on Saturday.
  • Put up the Christmas lights on Saturday afternoon.
  • Made some AWESOME oven fried tilapia on Saturday night.  Everybody ate some - so rewarding.
  • Drinks and snacks to celebrate NaBloPoMo with some awesome women.  Therese is such a gracious hostess and makes everything look effortless.  I want to work on that for myself.
On Sunday, I lost my groove.  I've been irritable and cranky all day and I can't seem to snap out of it.  I'm pretty sure I know what's bugging me (worried about someone who is sick), so at least that mystery is solved.
  • Mass (arrived 10 minutes late - so frustrating) and a nice chat with our pastor after Mass. 
  • Clipped and organized coupons.
  • Grocery store with the girls.
  • Made a playlist on YouTube of some contemplative Advent songs (church nerd alert !  I SWEAR I'm not a religious fanatic !!!  Oh wait, why yes I did download the new mass setting AND the latin mass setting so I'm prepared no matter which mass we attend.  Good God, what is happening to me ?!?!)
  • Mr. Q made dinner (PERFECTLY steamed green beans) while the girls and I tidied up around the house.
  • I had mentally mapped out a little prayer service while we lit the first candle on our Advent wreath, but the downside of having children in an engaging religious education setting is that they actually participate in prayer services regularly and they had all these ideas that they wanted to implement right in the middle of what I was trying to get us to do.  I now know for next time, but geesh, give me a break !  So, our family prayer service was conducted with a 4.5 year old yelling her fool head off.  Beezus said "This isn't very peaceful ! "
  • And for the last couple hours, Mr. Q and I have tidied up around the house, prepped lunches for the week, etc.  We consciously tried to work in the same room at the same time so at least we are together.  And now we're going to go watch another episode of Weeds that I've checked out from the library.
See, this is why I blog.  Writing this got my mind off the reason I am cranky and now I feel better.


herself said...

You just gave me an idea for an advent wreath. Thank you.

(And thanks for the nice mention - I love having you over)

Rachel et Natalie said...

glad you are now feeling better. Yossi is always able to get me out of my crappy when it happens, I am thankful to him for that and many of other things too of course

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