Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful: Ramona's perspective

As I dropped Ramona off this morning, her teacher pulled me aside.

She said that over the past couple weeks she has been talking about being thankful at circle time.  She explains what thankful is and gives some ideas of what people might be thankful about.  The children are offered the opportunity to share something they are thankful for.  Other children might vary in their responses, but every time Ramona has answered, she has always said this:

"I am thankful for my sister."


Marya said...

So so so so so wonderful. Don't forget to take some credit for that response! Parenting a big part of why she is so thankful for her sister!

Laurie said...

That is simply music. What a treat to hear.

mom said...

She is SO lovable!!! Good for her! And good for Beezus who has a sister that loves her so much!!!!

Rachel et Natalie said...

that's very sweet
sometimes I wonder how Rachel would have been not having her little sister.

Kim V. said...

That is so amazingly sweet! A really beautiful thing to hear.

janel said...

So sweet!

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