Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I've mentioned before that sure, regular developmental milestones are something to be celebrated, but what I really get excited about are growing signs of self-reliance.

I was really thrilled when my kids could walk down stairs by themselves, put on their shoes or coat, dress themselves, pour liquid, etc. 

Beezus is at an age where she's mastered lots of the "self" things and is moving on to helping our family with her actions.

She will vacuum with a lightweight Oreck vacuum if I ask her.

She also recently took care of Ramona and herself.  It was in the afternoon after school and I was putzing around the house.  I came out and saw that Beezus had GONE DOWN TO THE BASEMENT, found the bag where I keep all the winter hats and mittens, and brought it back upstairs.  After I asked her to, she also dumped them into the hat/mitten basket, and then tossed the bag on the basement stairs to await it's journey back to it's home.

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