Saturday, November 12, 2011

Near perfection

In my head, I have three levels of a desired organizational state of our home (it is currently, as of this moment, in an idealistic state):

Desired state - This is after a really good tidying up, but not neccesarily with additional time to declutter a problem area.  Often there is a pile of papers on the dining room desk, a small stack of receipts, post-it notes, little papers in the kitchen, and perhaps a few toys in their wrong places.  There will be some clean clothes in the basement waiting to be put away.  Honestly, within a two week period the house is usually like this about half the time.

Idealistic state - After a really good tidying up that is maintained and improved upon after several days PLUS some of the clutter prone areas (living room desk, kitchen counter, clean laundry) have been dealt with.  In a two week period, the house is usually like this the night before and the day of the cleaning lady's visit.  However, continuous problem areas remain:
  • my desk (on the 1st floor),
  • items I'm saving for the white elephant sale at church, plus things to list on Craig's List or e-Bay.
  • my scrapbook area (on the 2nd floor in our bedroom),
  • digital photos (on a portable hard drive),
  • clothes out of place - wrong season or need to be ironed or not quite, ahem, fitting at the moment (our closet on the 2nd floor);
  • and in the basement:
  • unironed clothes (basement)
  • my old photos area (basement), 
  • overflow books (basement), and
  • three boxes of things left over from my working days.
Perfection - This would be the state where all of the above problem areas are dealt with.  I can't imagine that I will every actually attain this level, and honestly it's pretty un-necessary anyway.

I de-cluttered all of our drawers and cabinets over the summer and they've stayed that way.  Our house is on the small side and the good part of that is that a pile of papers somewhere makes a big difference.  I'm also doing some sprucing up / decorating, and that helps too.

I'm on  a schedule where I give items away every two weeks to either the Pregnancy Aid Center or the Thrift Store.  It's part of my routine now to go to one or the either every Tuesday or Wednesday, so it gets stuff out easily.

When I need some motivation, I either go and read the blog Unclutterer, AwwwClutter, The Junk Pyramid or watch the first 10 and last 10 minutes of an episode of Hoarders.  Watching Hoarders almost always makes me jump up and get started especially !

We've got an easy weekend, and I feel SO EXCITED that I might actually attain something between Idealistic Perfection and Perfection by Sunday afternoon !!!  If we do, I'll definitely take photos !

Edited to add: I thought I better go ahead and take photos of the livingroomdiningroomentryway while it was still in a good state !

The stairs to the master suite.  These are a HUGE clutter prone area, and I usually leave it there for 1-2 weeks at a time, but never longer than 2 weeks.

Living room from the perspective of the front door.  Hmm, I think I need to clean off the refrigerator.

Dining room.  I've had clean laundry neatly arranged there for about 10 days and just got it cleared off yesterday.  Phew !

Ahh, the dining room desk.  This is where the "Pile of Papers" usually lives.  We actually refer to it with a proper noun.  Sadly, the "Pile of Papers" has not been sufficiently dealt with, as I'm just carrying it around in a tote bag.  This desk usually attracts clutter throughout the day.  The girls will claim anything that's theirs inbetween dinner and night-time tv, and I tidy up the rest after they are asleep.

Living room from the perspective of the dining room.  Ahhh.

Clutter can collect on the entry table to the right, but it's small and it is where my tote bag, work bag, and purse live.  Library books live in the ottoman tray on the left.


Rachel et Natalie said...

we might reach the 3rd level once the kids are gone and it will not feel like home anymore
let's be careful what we wish for
My friend's house is always in perfect condition - no dog in that house and no kids either- seems like my apt used to be when I lived on my own.
Now when I look at our house, with their drawings on the living room table, crayons in the box in the dining room on their drawing table, it has its order and I feel like our home feels much cozier than theirs.

Stimey said...

Well, now I feel guilty about not Junk Pyramiding anymore. :)

Can you imagine living in that third level. I bet it would be awesome. And I'm with you; Hoarders makes me want to clean my house every time.

Mom said...

I hear ya! 'Hoarders' I watch it and I always find a new thing to clean up!

Marya said...

I watch Hoarders when I want to feel better about the fact that I don't even reach your 1st stage.

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