Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaBloPoMo November 2011

Again this year, I am rising to the challenge issued by my friend Therese to participate in National Blog Posting Month and write every day in the month of November.  Interestingly enough, when I went to the NaBloPoMo webpage today to download a badge and then upload it to my blog, I saw that the writing prompt for today was something to the effect of  "What do you like about writing ?"  Convenient, since I was going to post today on why I blog.

I remember fondly the day that this woman at the breastfeeding center mentioned something about "blogging" and asked if I read a particular blog.  My thought was, predictably, "People write random stuff on the Internet and other people read it ?"

Over the months as I came to know Vickie both in real life and through her blog, I discovered this on-line community of bloggers.  Reading the blogs of my friends helps me to get to know them in a way I wouldn't otherwise, and it helps me to make on-line friends that I would never have had the chance to meet in real life.

While I have blogged sporadically over the past 3 1/2 years, it remains a cathartic practice for me.  Along with keeping my house tidy and having an organized calendar, blogging seems to be another thing that helps keep the cobwebs out of my mind.  Everyone has different intended audiences for their blogs, and mine is close family and friends, along with everyone I DON'T know in the rest of the world.  I keep my blog from family and friends whom I wouldn't trust to understand it, along with the neighbors and acquaintances in my real life whom I do not wish to share my deeper thoughts with.

My goal for this year's NaBloPoMo is to blog honestly and authentically.  I had a situation recently where I read a stranger's blog post and it really resonated with me.  I left a long comment that validated her experience and shared with her how her post had validated my thoughts on a particular issue.  I came to find out through a IRL friend of mine who is an acquaintance of hers that this blogger is not at all like she represented herself on her blog.  I was shocked, and I felt sort of betrayed by the blogger.  Here I thought we had this connection, this shared experience, and I came to find out that she was either trying to paint a rosy picture of herself by blogging inauthentically OR she is incredibly UN self-aware.  Either way, it affected me and I really want to be more honest in the things I say.  I will still censor myself, but I'm not going to paint a rosy picture.

I think I've written about that before, that one of the things I love about my on-line community is the validation that comes from knowing that others have similar struggles and challenges.  If we all paint rosy pictures, then there's not much to commiserate with.

So, here we are again.  Thanks for the challenge Therese !


herself said...

You're more than welcome and hope I can rise to the occasion myself.

AwwwTrouble said...

You know what? I don't actually strive for authentic in the blog. It's close, but definitely white washed for public consumption. In many ways, AwwwTrouble isn't "my blog" at all - it's my substitute for a baby book, a snapshot of moments in time. Does that make it not authentic? HMmm. But I love that you are authentic!

Marya said...

My blog for me is an interesting relationship. I want to have a blog that is mine to talk authentically about my the good, bad, and everything in between. However, I have never found a space in time where I could truly commit to this. What I am committed to is keeping up the blog as a journal of my boys childhood which means it tends to skew to the positive and yet, when I read other people's blogs the parts I like the most are those that show life in reality with the struggles that I can identify with. This is normalizing for me. I am also going to try to be more authentic this November even if it is only for this one moment in time each year. Can't wait to read more!

Thrift Store Mama said...

AwwwTrouble & Marya - There's a HUGE difference between whitewashing for public consumption and being in-authentic. Your blogs have a much wider audience in your families and it's not necessarily the right forum to write about personal struggles. What troubled me about the experience I had reading the inauthentic blog is that the writer said "I feel this way and I do these things" and I cam to find out that she actually acts quite the opposite IRL !!!

Kim V. said...

To be honest, I don't really have a target audience at all for my blog (quite possibly the reason why I have no readers, which is no problem). I tell my family that I blog, but I don't tell them where I blog, albeit I doubt they care. I do like to read blogs and I do wish that I DID have an audience to write to from time to time. But in the end of the day, I realize that I like to write for myself, regardless of comments or not. Of course, it would be nice to turn those 0 comments to a little more, but that's just me being greedy.

Great post!

V said...

LVC is and has been in flux for so many years. It started out as a record of T's life, but then I found it hard to record the bad stuff that hit 4 years ago--even if a lot of good stuff happened too. Then it became about L, but it's hard to live with the guilt I felt that I was somehow easing the big one out of the picture. Then I started a bunch of other blogs that I couldn't maintain or would forget the passwords!

I've always liked to write and I know when I stop writing I can't face some dark thing in my life--or else it's too hard to face it every where else I can't do it online as well!

(Not) Maud said...

I look forward to reading every day.

Sometimes I exaggerate in my blog, to make a better story. (I blame being Irish. We have to embroider the truth a little.) But I think it's a pretty accurate reflection of me - maybe not the "me" people find when they meet me first, but at least one of my many personas on the inside. Because we all have a few different personas for different people and places, don't we?

Kim V. said...

Hey! Thanks so much for the tip, I found an appealing layout that has decent sized font and an easy-to-find comment button. Again, thank you, and I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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