Wednesday, November 9, 2011

January 1, 2032

Several of my "milk mom" friends are bloggers.  One of our friends is also a dedicated reader and occasional commenter, and we asked her to come up with a list of writing prompts that the group could use and write about at similar times.

So, today, I am writing on one of those prompts which is to write a post as if it were January 1, 2032.  A few have gone before me with various approaches, but I think I'm going to make mine a combination of what I really believe will happen and what I hope will happen.
I normally blog in the evenings, but I thought today I would start off in the morning. 

The past week has been such a lovely, relaxing time for our family.  We've stuck with the practice we started when the girls were young of having leisurely holidays.  Whether we were at home or at my parents house or anywhere else, we've always tried to make the holidays relaxing. 

It's so nice to have Mom and Dad living in the in-law suite downstairs.  I remember when we thought we would never be able to afford to renovate the kitchen and basement, but we finally did a few years ago and we added an in-law suite as well.  My sister Susan helps out with keeping an eye on them when we travel, or Sarah will come up and spend a few days with them and it works out well for everyone.

Beezus is here, as she has always been (either literally or figuratively).  She has never strayed far from Mr. Q and I.  She's spent most of this week relaxing - she's exhausted after completing her master's thesis on the importance of play in early childhood education (remember back around 2010 when that was a novel concept ?!?!).  She's taking next semester off from school and work and will be doing field research with my sister Susan and some of Susan's other graduate students.  I think she is in a relationship with someone - she's dated several people over the years and has fallen in love a couple times, but I am grateful that she has remained true to herself and is waiting for the right one.  There was that awful time when she thought she had met "the one" and told us they were moving in together, but thankfully it passed.  Sometimes you have to meet the losers to know the right one when you see it.

We are grateful that Ramona showed up this week.  Our physical relationship with her continues to be fragile.  If we push too much, she retreats or digs her heels in.  But she knows that we love her with a strength that will never waver and after all this time I have finally learned to give her the space she needs.   Ramona gave us some shocking news, though.  She will enter the seminary to start studying for the deaconate !!!  I have always known from a very young age that she had a deep understanding of her faith (they both did, really), and I may have hoped for this but it was still unexpected.  It was a surprise when the new Pope issued an edict about 15 years ago permitting women to be ordained as deacons, but I guess the discovery of those missing books of the Bible really made a difference.  She will make a wonderful deacon - her faith has always been strong, even when she was a strong willed adolescent (I still shudder to think about some of those years). 

My beloved is here, as he has always been.  35 years of marriage and still ticking.  The years that both girls were adolescents were almost as difficult as when they were infants and toddlers.  And again, it tested us.  We responded better than we did in the early years - there was still some yelling and snarky comments, but for the most part, we just tried to laugh and turn to each other for comfort and solace.  He ran in a Christmas race for seniors last week (oh, excuse me, they call it "masters") and finished in the top 10 in his age group.

As for me, I have relaxed this week too.  The University is closed for 10 days (I suggested it to the President, and she thought it was a great idea).  Work is tough - the hours can be long and the issues I deal with are intense, but I remain grateful for this job.  I always said that I wanted to go back to work full-time when the girls were in college and I did. 

I'll have to end here and get on with my day.  It was a busy day yesterday.  The Milk Moms moved our 26th Annual "Anniversary Celebration of Us and Our Kids" to New Year's Eve afternoon and I talked and laughed until I was hoarse.  It was so, so wonderful to see them and their children.  We've had some sadness in the group over the years, but we've always been there to support one another when needed.  After the kids went on to their night-time parties and the husbands went home, the Moms and I stayed around and talked some more.  After 26 years, there is still so much to say.  Sidecars are back in style again, and I drank a few. 

What's next for me and for this year ? Well, after FINALLY achieving my dream of going to France with Mr. Q about 18 years ago, I now go every few years. I've been with my parents, my sisters, and some of the Milk Moms. We're going again in a couple months and I can't wait.

Now I've really got to get going.  I need to walk the dogs (also got those when the girls went to college) and then go to back-to-back Jazzercise classes later today.

More later . . .


(Not) Maud said...

Oh, that's so lovely!

Elaine said...

I remember that trip to France! It was fantastic having you with us to interpret everything so proficiently!!

Liz Bolin said...

I'll meet you at the Jazzercise class! :)

herself said...

Never forget the day they found those lost books of the bible - it turned the Christian church up.side.down. Go Ramona!

Laurie said...

Looking forward to France!

Helen said...

This is so lovely!

I want to go to France with you.

Rachel et Natalie said...

yes and next spring do not forget your long week-end in Belgium too

So happy for Ramona.

- loved the post, tks

Mom said...

Francia, Francia!!! I'll go!!!

Marya said...

I actually teared up when I read the paragraph about our 26 anniversary. Laughed out loud at the "lost books of the Bible".

I am drop dead serious when I say that we need to plan something for our 10th anniversary. Even just a long weekend with some pampering. Oh and, "Yes, please" to France.w

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