Saturday, November 26, 2011

Copycat: Blue suede shoes

Copycatting my friend Susan's AwwwClutter blog today !

What: Blue suede print Sanita clogs
From: Clog Outlet
Purchased: Last week
Cost: $46 (incl. shipping).  Retail is $120.

Occasionally, I buy things for myself at retail stores other than the thrift stores.  Actually, that's an exaggeration - I've bought a LOT of clothes for myself this fall.  Got great deals on every single piece and I've worn everything several times already.

I love clogs, and I love GOOD clogs, especially Sanitas.  I prefer wearing clogs to sneakers.  I have some black professional clogs that I bought last fall but I'm finding that I'm wearing them almost all the time.  So, I decided to branch out and get some clogs that I could wear on my "at home" days with jeans.  (Contrary to popular belief, I actually do wear jeans sometimes).  Honestly, since I'm not a size 8 (or a size 10, or a size ?? - I'll just stop right there) I find that I have to make a little bit more effort to look pulled together than an 8.  But maybe that's just me.

Anyhoo, that's why I prefer to wear clogs over sneakers.  I stumbled across a website called the clog outlet, and they had a great search engine so I was able to narrow down my choices in about 3 minutes.  I purchased the navy clogs and a gorgeous pair of brown professionals so that I can wear clogs to work every day (I almost exclusively wear brown or black shoes, with pants, to work).

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AwwwTrouble said...

CUTE! I always wonder if clogs would work for me, but I think my floppy ankles means no. But I have such a hard time with the work/casual niche, or the casual but still presentable with jeans look.

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