Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Cards

Every year, I have a really hard time getting Christmas cards in the mail before Christmas. Many times I've wound up sending New Year's Cards instead !

A couple weeks ago, fate intervened to help me get these cards out on time. I saw a local group coupon deal for a local photographer (more on that later) and also heard about a deal for bloggers with tinyprints, an on-line printing company.  A friend from work has ordered from tiny prints for her girls birthday invitations, baptismal invitations, and Christmas cards so I was familiar with the good quality.

The photographer came and took the photos last weekend and I'm taking time today to sit down and go through my options with tiny prints. There's a filtering option on the left hand side, so I started with that since I definitely want cards that have either 4 or 5 photos. After looking at all those options, I narrowed down to the ones with traditional messages. No "fa la la" for us - I'm a traditionalist.

I have one horizontal family photo and one vertical family photo that I definitely want on the card, so that helped narrow my options as well. I'm down to five options now ! I may have to take one more out of the running if I can't fix the capitalization on it (i.e., Merry Christmas instead of merry christmas). I know that's the trendy style, but I just can't do it.

The other nice thing about this sort of website is that I can get 30-40 Christmas cards for friends who celebrate Christmas (whether for religious or secular reasons) and another 10 or so for friends who do not celebrate Christmas. I like that flexibility.

Last year I took all the Christmas cards we received and put them either in to frames, or into a little photo album for the girls.  They like flipping through and pointing out people, particularly Mr. Q's brothers and sisters.  Head over to tiny prints and take a look at their Christmas Card selection.  There are a ton of options, so you can be a traditionalist, like me, or as funky as you want to be !  Without further ado, here are my options:

Chilly Branches

Christmas Cutout

Jazzy Christmas

Shimmering Sky

Snappy Shots

Sweet Script

I was compensated for this post.  By agreeing to post and link to their site, I will be compensated with 50 free cards !


(Not) Maud said...

I like the Chilly Branches one best, but maybe that's just because of the B&W: the others seem a bit too busy for my taste. But I suppose if you used all black & white shots you could tone them down and they'd look very different. So many options. Have fun with it!

Elaine said...

I'm with you - I like lots of photos on my cards. I want to sum the year up!

Rachel et Natalie said...

I love the traditional Merry Christmas too.
We do get annoyed 9yes Yossi too)when we hear people on the radio saying Happy Holidays to be politically correct. IT IS CHRISTMAS afer all.

ps. you are way ahead of the crowd. Congratulations to be so well organized.

mom said...

I like Berry Wonderful and Christmas cutout. Though I know I am late on the answer.

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