Friday, September 30, 2011

Play me some mountain music

My friend Elaine runs a silent auction for her school and has a banjo up for auction.  I want that banjo.

I have long known that Beezus would receive an American Girl doll for her 6th birthday.  David and I gave her Kit and I started recording the early years of The Waltons and letting her watch snippets of it so that she/we would learn a little bit more about that time period.  Well, one of the characters plays the banjo and occasionally you hear a snippet of some bluegrass / mountain music.

Then I started listening to bluegrass on pandora and am currently obsessed.

Which brings us to that banjo.  I do not have the time to learn the banjo nor the space to store it, but I want it !


AwwwTrouble said...

OK, first, the mental image of you playing the banjo is hilarious. Second, I'm lukewarm on bluegrass music, but when i like it, I really, really like it. Do you ever watch America's Got Talent? There was a bluegrass band that played covers of modern songs. THey were great. I think you MUST at least try to purchase that banjo.

Elaine said...

The banjo is now online and ready to purchase! Go get it. Really. My friend has it at her house and said even she sounds like John Lennon when she touches the strings.


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