Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July Recap

I'm still here.  We're having a mostly fun summer and I'm just not able to get to the computer.  In addition to all the photos I have below to show what we've been doing, I've also been trying to de-clutter.  I'm going room by room, drawer by drawer and de-cluttering, sorting, and organizing.

We've been traveling quite a bit and for my family, that means that when we are home we really have to focus on our systems so that things are harmonious.  Mr. Q. was suffering from symptoms related to a mild concussion, Ramona was having pooping issues (FREAKING AGAIN OH MY GAHHHHHHD !!!) on and off, and Beezus and I were just trying to keep the peace.  That also meant I needed to keep the house tidied up and laundry clean for everyone.

Although I've had to not see friends more often than I would like and they've certainly had to bear the brunt of some whiney phone calls or e-mails, it's been a really, really nice summer.  I don't know if future summers will feel like this, but absent the causes of whining (see above) I'd say it's been pretty darn perfect.  We've had lots of time at the pool, lots of time outside, and lots of unstructured time inside to play.  We haven't done any sort of worksheets or academic work, except for the normal reading books, "writing" notes, coloring from imagination, cooking, riding bikes, looking at the creek when it doesn't have much water and after a storm, watching TWO families of birds in our yard work their way through their life cycle, counting to 100 while they brush their teeth, playing pretend (the current favorites are lifeguard and little girl who hurts herself and needs a band-aid out of the lifeguard room; teacher; Fluffy the Cat; and sisters.  In Fluffy the Cat they meow and LICK each other (gross) and in Sisters they pretend to be sisters.  Different sisters than the real life sisters they are, of course.)   So, yeah, guess they haven't been learning anything since we haven't been doing any "work."  Oh, well, there is one thing.  When they call for me, instead of saying "I'll be there in a minute" I say, "Count to 20 and I'll be there."  So, maybe they are learning something there.

I've been feeling nostalgic for my own childhood and have spent time on google maps tracing the routes my mom used to take with my sisters and I in the summer. It's interesting the things I can remember once I start down memory lane. I had a trip to the place where I spent my middle school and high school years - it's a different sort of nostalgia than the early childhood years, but wonderful nonetheless.

Here's what we've been up to:

Independence Day Parade
Beezus had a hard time managing her bike in the crowd, but did fine when we brought up the rear.

Ramona's birthday cake. 
Hell yeah I made it !

Mr. Q has perfected two fabulous dinners we take to the pool.  He cooks them at home, pre-heats an empty casserole dish in the oven, packs all the food in there, takes it in a Pyrex portable, and it stays warm/hot for 2 hours.

Eggs from the robin's nest.  The nest was in a hanging plant on our front porch, so we got a great view.  We watched the robins lay the eggs, sit on them, hatch them, and feed the just born birds.  Then we say 2 of the 3 birds take their first flight.

Beezus swimming.  I was a red cross certified swim teacher in high school/college.  I checked out a couple books from the library, brushed up on my skills, and gave lessons this summer to both girls.  Then I paid myself for the lessons !

Playing sisters.

Ramona ready for the pool.  I had to make this photo bigger because it is just so cute !


(Not) Maud said...

The robin's nest is wonderful - and Ramona's birthday cake is amazing! Glad you're having a great summer.

Helen said...

Your calls are never whiney.

So glad the summer has been fun!

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