Sunday, August 21, 2011

Elementary school tomorrow

Beezus starts her first day of elementary school tomorrow.  She will repeat kindergarten, because although she was old enough for kindergarten at the private school/pre-school/daycare she attended last year, she misses the age cut-off for the public schools by 13 days.  Believe me, that is just fine with me. 

We've met the other members of her class twice now and she is definitely the tallest and among the most mature.  She likes her teacher, I can tell, and you know what ?  So do I.  Ms. Miller has 9 years teaching experience and is double certified in early childhood education and early childhood special education.  She's also taught 1st grade and I think 3rd grade.  She's energetic but not overbearing, and her classroom was as beautiful as can be in a small space with 25 children.  It was well organized, which I think is critical for young children.  My sister the teacher has strongly advised me to give Ms. Miller her space for the first six weeks, and I will do that.  It's SO hard, though.  I'm going to go ahead and have the county do my background check and fingerprints so I can be ready for lunchroom duty or recess duty as soon as she's ready for me.

I just posted on Facebook that I'm doing okay with all this, and mostly I am.  I'm not nervous or apprehensive - I can see that we made a good choice for Beezus and I'm making my peace with the American education system and what I believe are it's inherent flaws.  But when I think about it ?  When I let my mind wander I get emotional.  When I think about my baby who had trouble latching on, my toddler who took her first steps exactly on her first birthday at the breastfeeding center surrounded by several of the women whom I count among my dearest friends, my pre-schooler who was so very, very shy that I named myself as her "fierce protector", my four year old who was so afraid of putting her face in the water, my five year old who was swift on her balance bike and learned to ride a two-wheeler about 28 seconds after she got on it the first time, my girl who is the sister to her sister and how very, very kind she is to her little sister Ramona . . . well, I'm certainly not "fine" after writing all this.  Actually, scratch that.  I am fine.  It's just fine to be emotional at every transition in your child's life, and especially on one as monumentuous as starting elementary school.

I've said before that I remember my kindergarten classroom and my kindergarten teacher like it was yesterday.  I also remember my first day of elementary school, the classroom, and my teacher Miss Purdue.  (Although I didn't start elementary school until 1st grade).  I have no memories of my mother on my first day, except that I do remember wondering why she wanted to take my picture.  So, I just have to make sure I don't do anything tomorrow to cause Beezus to remember me on this day.  I find it very comforting to have these memories as I mother Beezus during this time.  I wonder if she will remember.  I hope so.

I think I'm going to go have a drink now with Mr. Quimby and celebrate this child that we have raised.

If you're starting school tomorrow or anytime in the next few weeks, warmest wishes to you and yours.


(Not) Maud said...

Oh, well now I'm crying. :)

Stacy said...

Definitely an exciting (and scary and overwhelming and everything else!) day in your household. I hope Beezus had a wonderful first day. And second day. And enjoys another 178 of them this year!

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