Monday, June 20, 2011

The Wonder Days

In the airport.  They reached out their hands to each other at the same moment.

I keep thinking that if I were more organized, or watched a little less tv, or made up a new grid, or read fewer blogs, or didn't check facebook, or ... something, that I would be able to accomplish everything I need to do.  Including blogging more regularly.  And yes, I could probably gain about one hour per week with those things.  But that's it.

My days are filled with either work or two little girls or trying to squeeze in 30 minutes chatting on the couch with Mr. Q or the housekeeping tasks that go along with this role I have chosen.  Best of all, we are in a stretch of "wonder days" and my children are so amazing right now that I want to spend every minute with them.  Although they are still cranky and mis-behaved on occasion, we seem to be in sync.  I've figured out a couple of the behavioral irritations they've been having and while they still have them, my response to them is better. 

One of Ramona's jobs is to take all the girls' shoes by the front door, knock off the dirt outside, and then put them away in the girls room.

I find myself jotting down words or phrases on a scrap of paper, or running for the camera, or shutting my eyes for a second and trying to take a mental picture so that I will remember that moment forever.  Much like this time or this other time.  These, these are the moments that I pray I will never forget. When I am an old, old lady I will pull out these moments like a string of pearls and hold them in my hands and move them through my fingers one by one and pass the time remembering them.

In the past couple weeks, I've gone camping with Beezus' kindergarten class.  I relished those moments spent alone with her in the context of the larger group.  Ramona has become even more verbal, so clearly articulating what she is unhappy about and how I can fix it.  While she still has her moments of challenge, Mr. Q. and I are both better and disfusing the situation more quickly.  Beezus had a beautifully simple "graduation" from kindergarten and from the daycare/pre-school/kindergarten that she has attended for five years.  I almost went into the ugly cry while presenting the children's class gift to the classroom, I was so filled with gratitude for her experience at this place, and especially for her (first) kindergarten year there.
Ramona transitioned to her summer camp classroom (which will also be her classroom during the academic year) with relative ease, and leaves me each morning without clutching or crying.

We play outside, we play at the pool, we ride bikes, they dance in shows that features "loud music" in the living room, we travel to one family member's house via car for the weekend and then to Aunt Sarah's house for another weekend via plane.  Mr. Q and I look at the items laid out to pack and wonder what we are forgetting, because these big girls require a lot less stuff than the toddler and pre-schooler we used to have.  They are reasonable in the airports, at rest stops, in the car, and on the airplane.

We take a quick day trip to Sesame Place one the way back from New Jersey, and they walk through a large portion of the park.  They wait in lines and try new rides.

I am thankful for every moment.   I've said it before and I'll say it again.  When I am an old, old lady I will pull out these moments like a string of pearls and hold them in my hands and move them through my fingers one by one and pass the time remembering them.

Beezus helps Ramona button her Elmo Christmas (winter) pajamas.


AwwwTrouble said...

I need to write a post about the bike too! Those pedaless bikes are miracleS, Elizabeth is now a whiz on her big girl bike too!

Marya said...

I love this post. The reason I blog is to remember those moments. Time moves by so fast.

Anonymous said...

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