Friday, May 6, 2011

Sprinkles, sprinkles everywhere

I fancy myself a bit of a baker. I like to bake cakes and cupcakes that look elaborate but more often than not, the frosting may be from scratch, but the cake mix is ALWAYS a boxed cake mix. Frankly, I think I do a fairly good job in the decorating department and I don't think that my baking tastes bad.

Or at least I didn't used to.

As you undoubtedly know, there is a proliferation of cupcake places in and around DC. I've had cupcakes from several. I thought the frosting was greasy at one famous place, and the cupcakes from another famous place upset my stomach.

So, when I wrangled an invitation to an event for bloggers at Sprinkles, I was nervous. I wanted to like the cupcakes ! The event was a party atmosphere for the children to decorate their cupcakes. After the girls decorated a few, I let them eat a mini one. I wanted to taste one SO BADLY but none of the other moms were and I wasn't quite sure of the etiquette, so I didn't.

The girls had a good time. The women running the party didn't put out TOO many cupcakes at one time and there were small containers of various sorts of sprinkles that kept being replenished. There were several different flavors of cupcakes, four options for frosting, three options for sprinkles, and about 10 different hard fondant decorations. I thought it was just the right amount to give the children variety without being too overwhelming.

I so desperately wanted one of my girls to make me a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting and white chocolate jimmie type sprinkles. Sadly, they didn't comply, but I did finally convince Beezus to choose a red velvet cupcake and frost it with vanilla frosting.

The party room was really cute. Pink floors, white walls, well lit, ample space for three tables each seating 8 children. There was a sink in the room and a bathroom about 4 feet away. I mentioned to another mother that a close by bathroom is one of my essential criteria for a gathering of young children.

There was even a little nook with some cupcake inspired stools in case a child needed to chill out, and three great big windows with sills perfect for kneeling on if a child needed to veg out.

Based on another mom’s recommendation, I told the girls we could only decorate enough cupcakes for one box. And that was plenty.

Because I also took home a box of GORGEOUS Mother’s Day cupcakes. Per Sprinkles’ instructions, I wrapped them in plastic wrap, and then for good measure wrapped them in another layer. I popped those babies in the freezer and plan on eating one BEFORE CHURCH with my coffee on Sunday morning, which is, of course, Mother’s Day.

If my children had birthday parties where they invited friends, I would definitely consider hosting a party here. You could definitely do it on a low-key type vibe, with a book or two about cupcakes, a craft, a game of “cupcake toss” with stuffed cupcakes, of course, and obviously, some cupcake decorating !

Sprinkles also has a cupcake mix with their frosting recipe on the back. I’m looking forward to picking some up next time I’m in the area.

I used sheer will power to wait until after dinner to taste my cupcake. Man, was it good ! The cake part was SO moist and flavorful. My kids didn’t put enough frosting on the cupcakes they made for me, but I can’t blame that on Sprinkles !

Thank you Sprinkles for inviting me to your event.  I LOVED the cupcakes and didn't find the frosting greasy and they also didn't upset my stomach.  The two women helping out (the general manager and ass't manager ?) couldn't have been any nicer and the general manager patiently answered my questions about how they make their frosting.  I can't wait to enjoy my complimentary box of MOM cupcakes on Sunday morning !

And sorry readers about the wonky spacing above.  I've been threatening for a long time, but I am really serious about switching to word press !!!


dc604 said...

and let auntie say first hand - those cupcakes were the bomb!!!

Ellen Griswold said...

I have had sprinkles 1 time -there is one in Dallas. They were super yummy. Also love the last picture - 2 out of 3 smiling isn't bad!

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