Monday, May 9, 2011

New reads

I've stumbled across three new blogs recently that you may also enjoy.

One is a crafting blog - Lucy Jane Gallery
The writer is someone from my past life whom I've become re-acquainted with and is also just a fantastic all-around person whom I would love to spend some more time with in the future.  Although I gotta say, her blog could really stand to be updated more often.  However, with three kids, a husband who works and is also doing a PhD and her active involvement in the PTA, I'm guessing blogging is pretty low on her list.  She describes mother her young children as a vocation, and I just love the sound of that.

I stumbled across the Smitten Kitchen while looking for a replacement for my 24 inch 1960s era stove.  Lots of the posts are about cooking, but I particularly love the ones about kitchen organization.

Finally, now that the girls are getting older, I'm feeling some inspiration to spruce up some areas of the house.  While our house isn't strictly a bungalow (it's really a Cape Cod bungalow turned lengthways with some elements of the Chicago style as well) the site American Bungalow also has some inspirational reading and forums.  I LOVE forums !  The site also has a blog roll, but in the interest of actually getting some work done, I haven't taken a look at those yet !

Stumbling across these things makes me realize that there are so many more topics that I would love to blog about on a regular basis.  I'm thinking about setting up a little schedule for myself to provide some self-motivation !

Happy Reading.

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