Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I'm re-posting my favorite Mother's Day post here (from 2008) and links to other Mother's Day posts are at the end.

from May 11, 2008

What a lovely day thus far.

Mr. Quimby gave me a corsage to wear today. It's an old school tradition, but I love it, and ask him every year to get me one. Beezus and I went to church by ourselves - it's much easier than trying to deal with Ramona who is already overdue for her nap by the time we arrive at church. Our church has lots of children and the priest frequently makes a point to say how glad he is that they are there, but it's just not fair to Ramona to keep her from taking a regular nap. The priest gave mothers a special blessing, and I loved how inclusive he was - he specifically referenced physical mothers, spiritual mothers, people like mothers and then offered a special prayer for people who have had children who died and people who have lost their own mothers. I suspect that if more people went to churches with a priest like this, we would have fewer people leaving the Catholic church.

After church we picked up Mr. Q and Ramona and went to Starbucks, mmmm!

During mass I was thinking about the other Mother's Days I have experienced. As a child, the excitement of doing something nice for Mom; as an adolescent, trying not to argue with my sisters for the day (my mother's one request); as a teenager the begrudging-ness of having to think about someone else besides myself for a change; and as a young married woman being very, very glad I didn't have kids yet and not even really desiring them.
And then it changed.
The Mother's Day (2004) when my very last high school/college friend was pregnant, and I wondered if David and I would ever be ready. Mother's Day (2005) when I had been pregnant in the past year, had suffered a devastating loss and was now pregnant again (and starting to show) by the time Mother's Day rolled around. I was so happy and so proud. Mother's Day (2006) with an amazing baby girl. I breastfed during Mass (all the nursing mothers in our parish do) and cried with joy over the completeness of it all. Then Mother's Day (2007) with a rambunctious toddler and 7 months pregnant - and I probably cried again.

And this Mother's Day - with a delightful little girl sitting next to me, nursing her doll "Ola-baby" and my 2nd baby girl and husband at home - and crying again over the completeness of it all.

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