Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Stewie, looking to the left.
I recently described Ramona as being like Stewie Griffith from the Family Guy.  Some of my friends asked me to elaborate and I had trouble putting into words the cunning nature that I believe she possesses.

But an incident today sums it up nicely.

We had had a busy day.  There was some down time, but it was just busy.  In the evening, after dinner, she was done.  D-O-N-E done.  She kicked her friend in the shins.  Twice.  As I was scolding her, Beezus told me that a few minutes before that Ramona had bitten her on the arm.  I knew Ramona didn't need more scolding at that point.  She needed to be held. 

So I held her, and then walked up the stairs to the front door while saying to her, "Ramona, you may not bite your sister when you are mad."

Ramona responded with this justification for not receiving some punishment, "Well . . . Mommy . . . actually I didn't actually bite her.  I just TRIED to bite her."

Ramona, loking to the left.


dc604 said...

I like to refer to her as "the red queen" or "brunhilda", but sometimes I just call her a neanderthal! Good thing she's also so cute and sweet!

Stacy said...

We have very similar children! We like to say that she's "clever." Sounds much better than "busy making evil plans to overthrow the world." Even as a little one we had conversations about how we hoped she would use her powers for good instead of working for the dark side. I think we're losing... at 7 she has a fascination with Draco Malfoy and she keeps drawing a Dark Mark on her arm to see if she can get Lord Voldemort to show up. Just because it would be neat to meet him. I figure I still have 11 years to convince her to change sides ;-)

xl pharmacy said...

hahaha Stewie always reminds me an ex-coworker of mine who was very well known as F5... he was Stewie's lost brother. lol

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