Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm diggin deep to keep my resolve about me the next two weeks. Mr. Q is going away Sunday - Friday, then Monday-Tuesday, and then I go away for work Wednesday - Thursday. If I can just make it to Friday, April 29th, I'll have it made in the shade. I have lots of resolutions for this time:

  • Don't whine (mild complaining or statement of fact is acceptable :-)

  • Don't yell

  • Don't eat excessive amounts of junk food

  • Don't spend too much time on the computer

  • Go to bed on time

  • Wake up on time

  • Try to be joyful

  • Let other people care for my children so I can exercise and go to church. These are not strangers, they are people who love them. I am not neglecting my children if someone who loves them (or the occasional babysitter) puts them to bed. They will be okay.
I'm glad that this is happening during holy week. I've been on a bit of a spiritual high recently (I really must post about it, but it's hard to put into mere words) and I'm looking at this week as an opportunity to really focus. To help me in this resolve, I made a grid. It's a reminder of things I have to do, what other people have to do, who is coming when, etc. My sister is helping, my dad is coming on Wednesday to help me get through the last couple days, and Mr. Q's brother Bill and his wife Sandy will be visiting our niece (their daughter) in DC and will be around too. All of this will be helpful. It will amp the girls up to have people around, but having an extra set of hands is always nice. I'm 95% certain that I'm going to give up facebook, blog reading, and really limit my personal e-mail usage during Holy Week. I've done this before occasionally for short periods of time and it feels great. I've been doing really well eating healthy and exercising regularly - the exercise will take a major slide during the next two weeks because it's honestly more trouble than it's worth to get a babysitter for Jazzercise, but at least when my dad is here I could get up early and walk/jog in the morning. It will be a good laugh for the neighbors, if nothing else. The funny thing is, with all of Mr. Q's travel and my self-awareness, I've learned that the two days before he goes away are always the hardest for me, because I worry about all the "what-ifs". Resolve.

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