Monday, April 18, 2011

Pulled Up

So, I've mentioned before that the girls participate in a religion class that is Montessori based with a curriculum developed specifically for children. The curriculum is called the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and it is used primarily in Catholic churches but can be adapted for use in other denominations. The place where the class occurs is called the "Atrium" so that is how we (and the other families) refer to it. It has tremenduous opportunities for hands-on learning with several group rituals each meeting time. I've sat in on a couple classes, and it. is. beautiful.

It is amazing to me what the girls take away from Atrium. The hard part is that they ask me lots of questions, particularly about people dying and "getting risen up." I'm a little fuzzy on some of the Church's exact teachings here, so I wing it and when in doubt, I say "That's a great question for Ms. Linda." Ramona, in particular, will tell me long-winded stories about something that are usually about 50% correct.

Tonight's conversation started with the people we know who are only a little bit old and people who are very old and might die first. She also wanted DETAILS on whether doggie heaven and people heaven are the same or different and if they were different then how would we get to see Rudy and Selma there ? (Yes, Rudy died a few weeks ago. A post on that is in the works). I explained that every person and every animal we loved would be with us in heaven (yes, it's fine to gloss over the details with a 3 3/4 year old).

Ramona asked me who was the first person who died and I told her I didn't know. Then she started saying that she didn't know the first person who died, but she DID KNOW the first person who Jesus pulled up into heaven through the gates: "She was a lady, mommy, who worked with and loved the infants. But she didn't go to heaven first. JESUS went to heaven first and then PULLED. HER. UP. through the gates. Do you know who this lady is, Mommy ? Do you know ? "

Seriously, I was racking my brain trying to think of who loved children and who was the first person to go to heaven. Yeah, pathetic, I know.

The answer occurred to me and Ramona at the same time. "It was HIS MOMMY ! Jesus' MOMMY was the first person after Jesus to go into heaven !"

I helpfully supplied the name, "Mary." Good job, TSM. Way to stay on the ball.

I'm not sure what Beezus is thinking about during Atrium, because she doesn't always chime in with these conversations. But Beezus, at age 5 1/2 is VERY literal, so I wonder how much she is taking in. She is quite the expert on the liturgical colors, which makes sense since she can literally see those at church.

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