Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adding gasoline to the fire

As if the next 10 days aren't crazy enough, I'm determined to make a bunny cake and some baby bunnies for Easter. I've got this whole ritual planned for Easter and part of it involves new table decorations on our dining room table and this bunny cake as the centerpiece. (What ? There were no bunny cakes when Jesus came out of the tomb ? Of course not, because Mary probably couldn't find the decorating directions on the Internet, that's why !)

I can remember my mom making a bunny cake occasionally, and I think my aunt made a lamb cake when I was in college and would go to her house for Easter.

Me ? I'm doing this because I found these pans at the thrift store for about $4.00 and they sell on e-Bay for about $15 and retail for about the same.

Of course, they came with no instructions, but I found some on the Wilton web site. They even tell you what order to do the steps in, and give you a list of supplies that I will take to the grocery store and stand in the candy aisle looking at all those little bags of candy until I find the right ones. Mr. Q and I split the grocery shopping about 70/30 but there's NO WAY I will ask him to do this chore.

However, I am not going to be ashamed to throw in the towel if I am tired or just don't feel like it. Fair enough. (I'm secretly hoping to con my mother into helping me ! Luckily she doesn't read this blog ha ha ha ha).

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Laurie said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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