Monday, February 14, 2011

Woof !

I love seeing my children reach developmental milestones and go through developmental explosions, like putting on their own shoes or coats, walking with alternating feet up or down stairs, initiating pretend play instead of just imitating it. I love the "explosions" that come where all of a sudden they are talking up a storm, or their vocabulary increases, or they have new ideas for building things out or blocks. Those things have generally meant far more to me than any sort of academic type stuff - counting, letter recognition, etc. My new standard phrase to explain this to people who I don't know well is "I'll put my kid's imagination up against your kid's reading level anyday, anytime, anyplace !"

Until recently.

The light that comes on in Beezus' eyes when she sight-reads or recognizes a word is awesome.

It all started a couple weeks ago during one of the many little snowstorms that we've had. We were hosting some friends (who were powerless) with a little girl Ramona's age and her younger baby brother. As is often the case with babies, Baby J. was wearing a cute little outfit with a word on the front. Beezus and Ramona were entranced with him and Beezus was sitting on the floor with Baby J. and his mom and she was pointing at the letters that were on his shirt.



"What's this thing right here that is the dog's face ? "
"I think that's supposed to be an 'O' " replied my friend.


"Woof !" Beezus says and looks up at my friend questioningly.

"Yes ! Woof !" said my friend.

My friend later said that she could see the light come on in Beezus' eyes and on her face. I hurried over and we all expressed our excitement that Beezus was reading. In reality, it was partly phonics and partly context clues that helped Beezus figure out, but it was definitely cool.

Since then, it's happened a few other times when it was definitely phonics or sight reading and not necessarily context clues. "happy" "love" "day" are the three others that come to mind easily. She also recognizes the first names of ALL the children in her class, both on a list and in her own handwriting and all the names of our family as well.

We have a new game where I spell words ending with -at and she correctly states the word and uses it in a sentence.

She still has troube distinguishing visually between lowercase b and d, and auditorally between p and t. But there's enough success that it feels good to her.

I just love seeing the light in her eyes. I hope it's the beginning of many more times like these.


Maud said...

I am impatiently looking forward to that day. Monkey knows the letters and the sounds they make, but can't quite put it together (or doesn't feel like it yet). I try not to push, because I know one day it will just all come together for him. But recently, completely unprompted, he looked closely at a light switch, spelled out O-F-F and said "Off!" That was nice.

Laurie said...

That's awesome!

Elaine said...

Every development is awesome! Yay Beezus! And it's perfect developmentally because Beezus did it exactly when she was ready.

Stacy said...

So awesome!! I love watching kids learn :)

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