Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Novena for WhyMommy

I will be participating in the novena for WhyMommy - hopefully at her church, and if not, then from my home.

Although the novena will be asking for intercessions through Blessed John Paul II, I thought it couldn't hurt to include some other people in the intercessory list.

So, I found SO MANY other saints who had characteristics shared with Susan who will intercede on her behalf !

Saints who were mothers

Saints who were converts

Saints who were married

Saints who were teachers (I know Susan isn't a traditional teacher, but she sure has taught me !) (Good Lord, I went back to find the link I was thinking of where I reference WhyMommy and there were 4 posts that reference her. Sort of embarassing. One, two, three and four).

Then, there is also the Patron Saint of Scientists: St. Albert the Great; and the Patron Saint of Astronomy and Science: St. Dominic de Guzman.

All of these Saints, pray for us !

(I feel the need to mention AGAIN that I am not a religious nut. I'm just a regular person who swears, drinks, doesn't make it to church every Sunday, but boy oh boy, I BELIEVE !)


Elaine said...

Keep it going, Ellen.

Anonymous said...

This is cool. I'm totally checking these saints out.

Thanks, Ellen!

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