Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something had to go . . .

and it was the blog. I LOVE writing my blog, LOVE it. But I couldn't seem to work on entries at a time that didn't involve me shirking my household duties, ignoring my kids or husband, or worst of all, not reading all the other blogs I like to read. So, it had to go.

I will try and keep up, but amidst the clutter of my head and the long "have to do list" and the even longer "really should do list" the blog entries don't come quite as easily. I do my best writing when I have an idea and can write about it right then, but that's hard to do.

When do YOU do your best writing ?

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(Not) Maud said...

I have a blog entries list too - when I get an idea for something to blog about, I put it on a virtual sticky note on my computer desktop. Then I can write it in my head in downtimes when I'm not near the computer (usually while nursing Mabel to sleep) and type it up pretty quickly after the kids are both in bed. Or at naptime while I'm ignoring Monkey, which is what I'm doing now :)

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