Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In which my kid calls my bluff

Beezus and I were working on a little worksheet that her teacher sent home as an enrichment activity. Despite all the nasty things I've said about homework and worksheets, Beezus and I both enjoy adding these things to our repetoire to things to do during our quiet time in the evenings. (We've switched things around a bit so Beezus does hand work or quiet work with one of us while Ramona watches her 20 minutes of tv.)

The worksheet asked the children to draw a face depicting different emotions and to write what makes them feel that particular emotion. For happy, Beezus wanted to write "I feel happy when I'm happy." I thought again to myself, "Looks like me but has Mr. Q's personality." I could write for hours on what makes me happy, which is often a diet coke and snickers bar at 3pm.

When she got to the one for sad, she thought of a couple examples and I said, "Well, maybe do you feel sad when your Mommy yells at you ?" She stared at me for a minute, laughed/snorted, rolled her eyes and said, "No."

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