Sunday, January 23, 2011

Games We Play - Part 2

These days, we're playing:

Co-op sale
They take all their toys off the shelves and spread them around on little chairs and on the couch. After a few minutes, they then load everything into their car (which is the other couch).
Hmm, can't imagine where they get this idea from.

Sleeping Rudolph
Rudolph's mom (Ramona) tells him to go to sleep, but he doesn't want to. He (Beezus) eventually concedes, stomping off to his room/cave/nest (where do Reindeers sleep ?) complete with an "Awww, Mommmmmm."
I'm pretty sure this one comes from the production of Rudolph that we saw at Adventure Theater a few weeks ago.

Beezus pretends to be a mom with 4 kids and a dog. We chat about our children, what they did as newborns, a new recipe we're trying, any problems we're having with our children, where we might go for vacation this summer. She usually stands with a baby on her hip while we're talking. Her husband travels a lot, but she has a teenager who lives with her and helps her take care of the kids.
Where does this come from ? Basically, it's a perfect imitation of almost any conversation I have at the playground, after one of their classes, or at a playdate.


Moderate Means said...

That is so cute! Sparkle would have so much fun playing with Beezus and Ramona! She also has a baby on her hip all the time and her husband is always working. His name is Dave and they are thinking about "going for a third" so perhaps Tori and Bryan will have a new little brother or sister soon. Oh, and her and Monkey have designed and decorated an Art Museum in the basement so maybe they can teach Museum to yours...and yours can teach Co-Op to mine :)

We seriously have to get together!!

Elaine said...

Ha! I love the baby on the hip. Helen hoists her (light as air) baby around like it weight 200 pounds. She sighs and really heaves it over her shoulder. Makes me laugh every time, because I see it so often in others!

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