Friday, December 31, 2010

All is bright . . . "a round-up"

We've had a wonderful 10 days here at the Quimby house.

Mr. Q and I have both taken off from work and I made a grid to kind of chart out our activities and our family time. It wasn't to the minute, but rather a general guideline. Previous times when Mr. Q and I have both been off from work and the girls at home it has occasionally felt like we spent too much time negotiating between child care, necessary household chores and the more fun household projects. We both want to do #1 and #3, but nobody wants to do #2. Anyhoo, I felt like a grid of sorts would help us structure the week.

On top of that, we had picked up "new" twin beds for the girls via Craigslist, and so that was that transition to contend with as well. It was a transition for both of them: Beezus going from a full to a twin and Ramona from her BELOVED crib to a twin.

In addition, Ramona had told us that Santa was going to take all her bubbas (pacifiers) and give them to new babies.

And in addition to that, we decided to increase Ramona's daily intake of miralax to encourage more regular pooping, so there would be that adjustment to contend with as well.

I don't know if it was the grid, the chat I had with our pediatrician, the chat I had with Ramona's teacher from last year (also director of the school and 35 years experience in early childhood education), the session I had with "an old acquaintance", or Mr. Q's satisfaction with re-painting our basement bathroom and putting in a new floor, but things are just clicking well with our family.

When Ramona was holding her poop it was really, really upsetting to Mr. Q and I. We were scared - scared of how it would affect her in the long term and scared that we couldn't figure out the right things to do. The increased miralax has made a huge difference and she is going on her own, spontaneously. What is really interesting to me is the effect it had on my psyche when I saw her feel the urge and then hold it several times in a period of a few hours - which happened several times. I felt almost hopeless and it was hard to think of anything else. If it was like that for me, I can only imagine the effect that a serious illness/condition must have on a family.

But, I hope that is behind us now. The girls are going to bed well (most nights anyway) and not only has Ramona given up her bubbas, she also hasn't started sucking her thumb as Beezus did when she gave up her bubbas. Ramona still asks for her crib at night, but she seems fine without the bubbas. She was only allowed to have them in her room, so I guess the only transition was at night-time.

The past 10 days have been a highlight of my mothering experience so far. There's been some outings, some playdates, lots of play time with Mr. Q and I semi-supervising and semi-participating as we work on other things, some wonderful family meals with EACH PERSON trying SOMETHING NEW (including Mr. Q !), lots of time with Aunt Susan, a fair amount of hang-out time for Mr. Q and I while watching last season of The Office and plenty of hang-out time for our family.

We needed this. I'm glad we made parts of it happen, and I'm glad we got lucky enough for the other parts beyond our control.


Silvia said...

I hear you on the holding in the poop. S did that too and it was awful. We tied the laxitives, ignoring it, forcing it, everything we could think of and where advised to do. Eventually (2 years later!), he just got it. Whether it was going to camp and being outside the umbrella of family, or something else, we'll never know.

I also took the time off, but I'm not quite enjoying as much as you. Maybe it's because it's just me at home trying to do the childcare, playdates, daily housekeeping plus trying to get a few things done just for me (like unpacking the last boxes from our move 2+ years ago, which made me miss you guys like crazy).

XO and happy 2011!

Vickie said...

Glad your 2010 is ending on such a good note. Happy new year!

Stimey said...

Hooray! So happy that you've had such a good Christmas season! Happy New Year!

Laurie said...

Sounds like really special time. Glad things are in "flow".

Rachel et Natalie said...

What a wonderul idea. I am glad you had great family time.

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