Tuesday, November 30, 2010


One of the many things that can bring a group (or family) together is some common phrases that mean something only to them.

Growing up, it was "tee-tee" at my house, not pee.

When the girls were younger and mospronounced some words, Mr. Q and I repeated them. So, quite easily a pacifier became a bubba; an Ikea washcloth became a fah-fah, and so on. We never intended for them to go to college calling items by our family vernacular, but I did like that our family had our own secret language.

Over time, some of them disappeared. Yogurt used to be nah-nah, but it turned back into yogurt.

I heard another one disappear today. For the longest time, we've referred to trail mix as "mix-up." Mix-up is typically a favorite after dinner snack item for Beezus. (This is not to be confused with "snack mix-up" which is a couple crackers, a few goldfish, a couple almonds, and a few raisins tossed into a bowl and eaten in the car). Today, I really rocked their world and put some "mix-up" into their "snack mix-up."

Beezus noticed right away and said, "Mommy, I've never had trail mix in my "snack mix-up" before.

I mentally catalogued that it was another part of early childhood slipping away.


Elaine said...

And in your honor, Helen will occasionally go "tee tee" insted of "potty" and then inquire "why does Ellen call it tee-tee?".

Vickie said...

Hey, you actually made it to the finish line! Good for you. Where's your tag?

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