Thursday, November 25, 2010


I am thankful for being a mother, motherhood, and mothering. It has allowed me to experience such profound joy.

I am thankful to God for lending Mr. Q and I Beezus and Ramona to raise. She chose well.

I am thankful for Mr. Q. For his ever-growing patience with our children and with me, for asking me to come away with him for 4 days, for his commitment to our family and our marriage, and for the professional sacrifices he's made for both.

I am thankful that Beezus and Ramona have lots of family members who love them: aunts, uncles, grand-parents, great aunts and great uncles. These children are lucky to grow up in such love.

I am thankful for my neighborhood friends - that they remain my friends even though I have a hard time (sometimes) making time for them. I am thankful that they listen to me gripe and worry. I look forward to spending more time with them.

I am thankful for Beezus' kindergarten experience. It has been so good, so right for her. I'm glad Mr. Q. and I didn't pursue other options.

I'm thankful for the grace of God.

I'm thankful for old friends - there is an ease with them (and with their husbands) and it's fun to be with people who have known me for half of my life.

I remain thankful, as I have for about the past 17 years, for snickers and diet coke.

I'm thankful for Jazzercise and for the desire and skill to dance in the grocery store.

I'm thankful for skilled counselors and for my desire to continually better myself.

I'm thankful for the beauty of an Alabama mountainside.

I'm thankful for my sisters, and for my sisters-in-law.

I'm thankful for the Milk Moms, my mother's group. I met them five years ago at a vulnerable time in our lives. I'm thankful that most of them still participate in the group in some way, and I'm really thankful for the close friendships that have developed out of this group. It takes time and commitment to maintain and nurture these friendships and I am exceedingly grateful for that.

I'm grateful for blogs, for blogging and for readers. It makes me feel connected to the world beyond my own.

While I believe that most of my good fortune is a result of good choices and hard work, there is still a significant element that is just luck. I am so, so grateful for the life I have, for my health and the health of my children and family.


Marya said...

Beautiful post.

Laurie said...

Happy Thanksgiving Ellen.

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