Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Secret to Exercising Success

Backdating to Sunday night, November 7th. I'm also writing in the tense as if I actually wrote and posted it last night.

After much nagging, a long ago purchase of new running clothes, a recent purchase of new running shoes, and more nagging, Mr. Quimby went for a run this evening.

Mr. Q used to be a really, really good runner. He was particularly good at a 10-miler or half-marathon. He was running regularly when we met, but I was his first real girlfriend in many years, and when it became a choice of running or hanging out with me, he chose me. I didn't object and I feel so badly about that now.

The secret to my getting to exercise regularly is that it has to take the place of a less desirable activity. I won't exercise during any "free" time I have. I also won't exercise during what I consider to be "fun" time with our family. But I will gladly, gladly, exercise during the post dinner clean up and beginning of bed time routine. I don't find that 90 minutes to be particularly fun.

I was surprised tonight when both kids were in bed, I was deep in preparation for the week ahead and Mr. Q showed up in his running clothes and said he was going for a run. "Go right ahead," I said. "That's a great idea." Although Mr. Q was only gone for 20 minutes (baby steps, he says) he got to miss out on some of the drudgery of the week ahead prep.

I fell off my exercise bandwagon the past few weeks and am excited to be stepping back on tonight. I'm also excited to skip cleaning up the dishes after dinner !

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Marya said...

I never thought about exercising between dinner and bed. Hmmmm. . . good idea.

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