Thursday, November 11, 2010

Warren Brown ?

On Tuesday afternoon, I was totally excited to go back to my coffee shop. As I walked in, I saw a nice looking man sitting at the coffee bar: African American, short dreadlocks, late forties, typing on a laptop. He looked so familiar to me and since I had just been at Love Cafe the previous weekend, and here I was in a coffeeshop, my mind jumped to the conclusion that this man must be Warren Brown. FWIW, he looked at me with a funny look and I assumed it was because he realized that I recognized him.

They were out of sweet potato cake (DAMN!) and I wasn't feeling great, so I sat down with a cup of tea and immediately started texting people. It's times like these I need a twitter account !

I am sitting at a little artists cafe/coffee shop and I think Warren Brown, founder of Cake Love and star of his own reality sho on TLC is sitting 10 feet away !

My friends texted back with some appropriate exciting comments.

Then I sent this one out: Definitely looks like him. He seems to know the lady who runs the place, which is interesting. But I can't say anything on the off-chance it's not him because then this random look alike guy will think that I think that all nice looking black men with dread locks look alike and then he might think that I am one of THOSE people !

While I was there, I noticed him glancing over my way once or twice, and I assumed that he was hoping that I wouldn't get up and come over to him to ask about the show, etc. But if I got a further indication that it was him, then I was going to get his autograph for my friend Elaine, also a baker.

BTW, the "older lady" Annette was there again. When I came in, she said "Kids in class today?" and I found myself getting teary. I responded that I couldn't believe that she had remembered me, I was really touched, and then . . .

I told her thank you for being kind to me last week. I said, "I was having a sad day and you were so kind to me. I've been thinking about you all week and I'm so glad that you are here and that I can tell you thank you for chatting with me last week. It really helped."

Hmmm . . .

Wait a minute . . .

What if the man was just glancing at me not because he was famous and wondering if I was going to go all paparazzi on him, but what if he was wondering "Who is this crazy lady crying in the coffee shop to a stranger who gave her coffee and sweet potato cake last week ?!?!?!"

No, that couldn't be it.

Could it ?


Herself said...

You should so have a twitter account - but shorten that tweet to 140 characters!

Marya said...

That coffee shop has great karma. Keep going back.

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