Monday, November 1, 2010

NaBloPoMo and Poop

I started a cute post for the beginning of NaBloPoMo about how much I like to blog, why I do it, yada, yada, yada. But then my 3 year old, Ramona, pooped in her pants two times today, which is about the average per day on the days that she is in preschool/daycare, which is 4 days per week. And then I fell apart tonight, spending an hour whining and crying and yelling at Mr. Q that he wasn’t being sympathetic enough to me since I pick up Ramona every day after school and I am also the designated underwear washer, and that his suggestions weren’t well enough researched and he shouldn’t just pull suggestions out of his ass without researching them first. (Note to self: not helpful to yell at husband. Pisses him off).

Although she has been potty trained for about 8-9 months now, she never did quite as well at school as she did at home. Although, for sure, she also had accidents at home, like the great pooping on the foot incident.

She became more consistent over the summer, but when she transitioned to the three year old classroom in August, she became less consistent. She would clearly tell me that she went poop or tee-tee in her pants because she didn’t want to stop playing. Then she started holding her poop, which is rarely a good thing with small children.

Her lead teacher was fantastic really working with me. Another teacher seemed mildly annoyed, but only to me. I’m not sure Ramona noticed.

Things got better. A lot better. The teachers and I worked out strategies for assuring Ramona that she wouldn’t lose her spot/nobody would take her toys/they wouldn’t go outside without her. Her favorite teacher took her to a private bathroom and sat and read a story with her 2-3 times a day.

Mr. Q. and I did even more to ensure that she had 10-15 minutes to poop every morning and evening so that she wouldn’t need to go at school. Things continued getting better. She started pooping regularly every evening after dinner.

Then she developed (what we think is) impetigo on her torso and HAD to go on an antibiotic. Had to. As I suspected, her poop schedule got all messed up and she’s usually pooping in her pants twice a day at least three days per week. What (I think) actually happens is that she misses the cue that it’s pooping time, a little poop comes out (which she can feel) and then she clamps down. She clamps so tightly though that she can’t relax enough to go on the potty. Then, when the next snack/lunch time come, the whole cycle happens again.

All of this is further complicated because Ramona has been on Miralax since she was 10 months old (she’s now 3 years, 3 months). When she was 10 months old she got impetigo in her diaper area and it caused a flesh eating diaper rash that caused her to start holding her poop. She’s been taking ½ tsp. of Miralax every morning since then.

She told me today that she doesn’t know why she poops in her pants and that she cannot tell when the poop is coming.

That’s where we are now. She’s usually fine at home with us because we can tell when she’s holding it and we can get her on the potty in time before she clamps down too tightly. Either the teachers at school have tired of sitting with her on the potty or Ramona has gotten better at hiding when she needs to go.

Mr. Q figured out that if I take a few days off work and he takes a couple days off work we can be home with Ramona for 9 days. Her antibiotic ends on Tuesday night, and then we’ll be home with her beginning Saturday for 9 days. We also discussed how to incorporate probiotics into her routine so that she can get back to normal.

My friend Elaine gave me some good advice on Sunday, so I thought I would post here and see if I can get some more advice. I suppose I could also go back to a pediatric GI, although I’m sure that it’s about a month long wait for that appt., and I’d rather see what we can do ourselves in the meantime.

I would love some advice here, although I should mention that she eats a very healthy and balanced diet and does not really respond well to reward based incentives, although we have had success 50% of the time getting her to sit on the toilet by rewarding with a skittle afterwards. She HATES sitting on the toilet because she really does not want to miss out on anything. Mr. Q or I almost always go in with her and try to entertain her to keep her on the toilet long enough to relax and hopefully poop.

I seriously cannot believe that I wrote this much about poop. This is a lame way to begin NaBloPoMo.


{sue} said...

I'm no potty training expert, despite having done it 4 times. They're all different.

But I will give you this tip from my constantly-on-antibiotics kid... Culturelle. It's a probiotic powder (we got it at Target) that you sprinkle on yogurt or pudding, or candy or WHATEVER that totally keeps the colon healthy while on antibiotics. I can't imagine it would mess with the action of the Miralax because it just replaces some of the natural bacteria in the colon. It has SAVED us. She eats lots of yogurt, but that by itself just didn't do it.

Maud said...

This sounds horribly familiar - the witholding poop, the miralax... been there done that with Monkey. I have nothing but sympathy.

I have to say, though, that quite recently I stopped the Miralax and it immediately became easier for him to poop and less likely that he would start to go in his underpants. It was giving him "wiggly poos" where he'd have to strain and strain and his legs would be running on the spot to get it out. I thought with his terrible diet, he needed the Miralax, but in the end it seemed to be making it worse. So you might try laying off on that and see if things improve any.

And don't beat yourself up over thinking kid #2 won't turn out as "nicely" as kid #1. They both have good, invested parents, and they'll both turn out good, in different ways.

Anonymous said...

So excited not to see "Candles" as the top entry that I don't care that it was about poop!

Rachel et Natalie said...

oh I am with you. It feels so hard this 2nd time around.
What does work with natalie is that she loves tomatoes, blueberries, yogurt and raisins and believe me when we went through potty taining time I would allow her to have as much as we wanted.
But of course with medication, it changes everything.
Courage, ca ne devrait plus durer trop longtemps.
Hugs and kisses

Marya said...

I am glad you talked about finding a probiotic. We use "babydofilus" that you can find at whole foods. Ari has had one 1/2 teaspoon everyday of his life since he was 6 days old. Pat suggested I give it to him when he was having gas issues and we have continued from there. David also take a probiotic with his vitamin and vitamin D every morning. This has really helped to get both of them on a "schedule". Ari poops before morning nap and during dinner and David poops around 4:30 most days.

Anyway, I am sorry because poop is yucky. Hang in there.

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