Monday, November 8, 2010


My neighborhood friend Avonlea pointed out that I clearly DO NOT mean what I say since I said I was going to participate in NaBloPoMo and I have not fulfilled the obligations of posting everyday.

I will use this post to enumerate my reasons:
1. Thursday I wrote the post during the day, marked it as "done" in my head and then forgot to actually post it.
2. Friday I was super crazy busy all day and LITERALLY did not have a second. In fact, Mr. Q. even had to come home from work early so I could go and get my hair done and then go out to dinner with the Milk Moms. It was a late one, so I was too tired to post that night.
3. I had decided Thursday night to go computer free until Monday, and by the time Saturday came around I was SCARED of the quantity of e-mails that were surely in my personal e-mail, so I didn't want to go and check.
4. Finally, unlike some sensible people I save up all my laundry for 2-3 weeks and then do it all at one time. This means that I spent most of Saturday afternoon and almost all day on Sunday doing laundry.

5. Which brings us to Monday. I'll leave this post up for today and I'll be back-dating other posts AND keeping current for the next few days.

This is YET another example of how annoying I am. A little over a week ago I was talking with some of the Milk Moms, including the one who started this all, about NaBloPoMo. Elaine said that she participated last year, except when she was in Puerto Rico without Internet access. I was all, "That didn't count, that didn't count, you have to post every day, blah, blah, blah . . . " and Elaine like a good friend didn't even listen to me and thankfully didn't recall this conversation a week later ! So, here is yet another example in my life of my HYPOCRISY !!!


Elaine said...
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Elaine said...

I'm thick-skinned like that. When I get teased, I almost never remember it. Strange, eh?

AwwwTrouble said...

Oh, I'm totally back-dating. Last week ended on a rough note and I took a much-needed break. Everyone gets one mulligan!

{sue} said...

There is nothing sensible about me, sadly, just in case it was my laundry you were referring to. ;-)

Marya said...

I survive in the blogging world as a poser. I sit down for chunks of time and set up blogs for a week or more to automatically post. I say back date until your heart's content.

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