Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Round Up

What a difference a year can make !

Ramona was running and easily keeping up with Beezus this year on their runs between houses. Their costume selections came about fairly easily. I asked them a couple weeks in advance what they wanted to be. "Princess!" they quickly yelled. During the next week I checked in a couple times to make sure that was still the preference. At one point, somebody asked them WHICH princess they wanted to be. "Oh no, no, no," I said. "They are going to be Princess Beezus and Princess Ramona." I made a couple trips to Value Village, found 4 dresses, and then let them choose which one they wanted out of the 4. (The extras went straight to the co-op sale after being washed and ironed !)

In the end, Ramona chose a Snow White dress and Beezus chose a Tinkerbell. It was fun to see them in the school parade and see almost the exact same outfits on other kids - except the other kids had all the accessories (like Tinkerbell's wings - oops !)

They don't seem too crazy for their candy - we let them eat a lot on Halloween night, and then put it out of sight but happily give it to them when they ask. Even though they only have 1-2 pieces every other night or so, the supply still dwindles. Interesting.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I love doing these traditions and rituals with my kids. I think it's awesome that I was a princess one year for Halloween and now they are too. I love that Mr. Q went door to door as a (shy) child and said "Trick or Treat" and it's still the same thing that our girls say today.

I also LOVE dressing up for Halloween. I wanted to be a princess or a queen, but could only find trashy princess costumes for adults. I'm going to keep looking and next year I'll be a queen. For this year, I had to settle for a rainbow. I had a rainbow headscarf, a rainbow tutu around my neck, and a rainbow cape. My sister Susan was a purple witch, which the girls loved. Mr. Q was, well, he's not really the Halloween costume type !


Rachel et Natalie said...

love the rainbow outfit

Maud said...

Monkey was one of five Batmans (Batmen?) at the local parade, but he didn't care. The mister put on his tux and went trick-or-treating with him as Alfred (since Mabel didn't feel like going). I think only a couple of houses got the reference.

The Lowe said...

I love dressing up too - though this year I was so exhausted from the rally I just wore a hat and a mask.

The girls look great in their princess dresses - and I have seen a lot of princesses lately!

Stacy said...

Monkey was a vampire. He was one of an entire group (herd? gaggle? cluster? pod? what exactly are vampire groups called??) of vampires and he actually thought that was even cooler than being the only one of something. And Sparkle was a model, which I thought was more original, but she was 1 of 2 in her grade!

I love their costumes! Yours was brilliant - never would have thought to be a rainbow!


Marya said...

I side with Mr. Q. Halloween is not my cup of tea. However, I love Halloween through my kids' eyes.

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