Monday, November 29, 2010

Found Money

While at my parent's house, Beezus got a new pair of boots. She carefully taped up all sides of the box and asked for help in cutting a slit in the top to make a "money box." She found a few coins around and put them in.

When it came time to pack, I had no intention of bringing the money box home. However, she really wanted to bring it home, so I untapped it and packed it full of things and it fit just fine.

She was thrilled to find it a couple days later when I unpacked it. She set out with the tape dispenser to securely tape the lid to it again. When I saw her a few minutes later, she was rooting through the decorative bowls that I have on a table in the living room that house hair clips, loose game pieces, spare change, etc.

As I told her I was about to leave for work, she held out the money box and said, “If you find any loose money laying around at work, you can put it in the money box.” As if I’m going to carry around a 12x14x5 hot pink box with me all day ! I suggested that I just put any “found money” in my wallet and bring it home for her.

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Moderate Means said...

I actually laughed out loud. That is so like my daughter! I love it :)

And, if you are like me you managed to 'find' money for her. Smart little things, aren't they? ;-)

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