Thursday, November 18, 2010

Children's Literature Fun Facts

I was doing a little research today on some books I'd like to get the girls for Christmas. While I get 90% of their books from the thrift store, I don't mind purchasing some really good quality books at retail prices.

I came across three fun facts:

1. Tomie dePaola and Arnold Lobel were friends.

2. Tomie dePaola has a blog.

3. Repositories of children’s books manuscript materials and illustration materials are preserved at three centers in the United States: the Kerlan Children's Literature Research Collection at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis; the Northeast Children’s Literature Collection at the University of Connecticut; and the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection at the University of Southern Mississippi.

You learn something new everyday, people. Every. day.


Rachel et Natalie said...

thank you for the information

Laurie said...

I'm impressed with your book shopping detail. I bet you get some real finds.

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