Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Celebrity Sighting

Unlike last time, this one is real.

I was in line at the grocery store with my Mom in Alabama. I noticed several people in front of us, but didn't think much of it beyond the fact that I thought one of them looked stupid wearing sunglasses in the grocery store. When we got up to the cashier, she told my mom "that was Reuben Studdard." I asked if he was a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars." Then my mom made fun of me and reminded me that he had been on American Idol in one of the early seasons.

Wait, wait, it gets better.

My mom was in her nail salon last week and the owner told her that CONDOLEEZA RICE had been in there the week before getting her nails done. CONDOLEEZA RICE at the very same nail salon in a strip mall ! (Although, granted, it's a nice one. Not gross like the ones we have here.) Evidently her aunt lives in the same development as my parents and she was in town to give a speech and had stayed with her aunt. (My mom has also met her aunt at a garden club meeting). I would LOVE to run into her sometime, and more importantly, I'd love for my girls to meet her.

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Laurie said...

My dad's wife played a round of golf with her earlier this year. She said that she was an amazing person.

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