Sunday, October 17, 2010


Candles play a fairly prevalent role in our family's life.

We see candles at church, Beezus's montessori-based religion class (Catechesis for the Good Shepherd) lights a candle at the beginning of every class meeting, candles are prevalent in the Waldorf pedagogy (which we kinda, sorta, practice at home), and my mother-in-law lights candles for all of the special family dinners. The girls have made beeswax candles on occasion, and I just purchased a kit for us to make candles on the winter solstice. Ramona's pre-school class decorated candles for the parents last Christmas.

However, because of the hectic-ness of everyday life, and Ramona's young age, we haven't often lit candles for our dinner. But after attending a fall festival at a Waldorf School on Saturday, I was inspired to start again.

As I was making dinner Saturday night (oven baked panko breaded tilapia, brown rice, and broccoli) I told the girls that they needed to pick up their toys in preparation for dinner. They moved sluggishly, so in an effort to spur them on, I said, "Girls, we're going to have CANDLES for dinner tonight !"

As Beezus whooped with excitement, Ramona burst into tears. "But Mommy, I don't like candles. Candles will taste yucky !!!"


The Lowe said...

I love candles on the dinner table and when the weather gets cooler it's perfect for it. Last year I tried to do it every night for the month of December to try and get our Christmas groove on.

Laurie said...

We love candles on the dinner table too. Always seems to have a calming effect and keeps them interested.

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