Sunday, September 5, 2010

A pale imitation

I used to enjoy shopping at the mall. Then I found the thrift store and started trying harder to save money, then shopping at regular stores became a chore rather than a pleasure, so I didn’t do it often. Recently, I had the occasion to try shopping at the mall again. Mr. Q and I were invited to a wedding of a young friend of mine. I think she is just one of the most fabulous people in the world and Mr. Q. is also fond of her, and we were thrilled to go. To make the occasion even more special, I decided to buy a new TRENDY dress !!!What: Essi shift dress
From: Lord & Taylor
Purchased: July 2010
Cost: $30 (Retail was around $100)

Then I realized, “I can’t wear 7 year old black patent pumps with this dress. That will look stupid.” So then I needed new shoes. The prices at Lord & Taylor were just amazing, so I bought two pairs of shoes ! (My aunt was with me and she convinced me that this first pair of shoes were a great evening shoe and since they were an evening shoe, I could wear the peep toe year-round.)

What: Ellen Tracy peep toe slingbacks, fabric with faux animal leather accents
From: Lord & Taylor
Purchased: 2010
Cost: $30 (retailed around $90)

What: Ellen Tracy peep toe wedge pumps, leather with a tiny patent accent
From: Lord & Taylor
Purchased: 2010
Cost: $30 (retailed around $90)

Then, I realized that I didn’t have quite the right necklace. I wanted something with a hint of the sixties look to it. What: Double strand sixties style necklace (the one I bought is a little longer than a choker and the beads are exactly like the photo)
From: Value Village
Purchased: 2010 (probably made orignially in the mid-sixties)
Cost: $9.00 (similar ones sell on e-Bay for $30-$40)

(If you give a frugalista a new dress, she will want a pair of shoes. If you give her the pair of shoes, she will want a new necklace. Oops, sorry, we just saw a children’s theater production of “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” recently.)

Since I had purchased two new pairs of shoes, I decided that two other pairs of shoes had to be donated. I have a finite amount of space for shoes in my closet and I refuse to have more than can fit in that space (although I do pack away out of season shoes to free up some more room).
What: Worthington strappy sandals (perfectly good and the only reason I'm giving them away is because one of the new pairs takes their place in the "black evening shoe category" and I only have need for a black evening shoe about twice a year).
From: J.C. Penney
Purchased: around 2003-2003
Cost: around $30

What: Black fabric slingbacks (again, a perfectly good shoe but the peep toe pumps take their place in the category of "summer black heels appropriate for church or dressy work outfit" )
From: Don't remember
Purchased: Don't remember
Cost: Don't remember, probably not more than $40

My dear friend Helen is often heard saying in jest "But what about meeeeee ? What about my needs ? " when one of our friends announces something that displeases her. I am copying her below with this announcement directed at our friend Susan:

Listen, missy, I'm sorry that your regular posting of shoes on AwwwClutter is not quite as exciting for you as it once was. But what about me ? What about my needs for entertainment ? Please don’t force my hand and make me continue this pale imitation !


{sue} said...

Excellent shopping. I love Lord & Taylor. And I can never let you see my closet with all the duplicative SHOES now. Ack. I admire your fortitude in keeping the collection manageable.

And this reminded me that I completely forgot to tell you about my UNREAL experience at Value Village on 50% off day today. (OMG, think back to pictures of the first supply planes landing in Haiti after the earthquake and you will be close.) I summary, I will be happy to pay full VV prices never to have to experience that again. (And by full, I of course mean, 20% off. :-))

Laurie said...

I can't belive Lord & Taylor had anything in those price ranges.

AwwwTrouble said...

Teehee, ok, ok, I'm back in business. Promise.

Lord and Taylor is a hidden gem. Their prices can be fabulous. They are one of my go-to stores. (so, I always, always have coupons for there, if you never need them). Today I will post the rest of my august shoes and some of the September - I"m finally heading into the 5 pairs of shoes I bought in January 09 from L&T, all under $25. Love em.

Damn, I think I have to go there this week. It's been too long.

Great buys!

dc604 said...

if you sign up for the L&T emails, they send you a 20% off coupon every couple of weeks, pair that with the clearance rack and you can clean up!

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