Saturday, September 4, 2010


Wow, kids have some funny metaphors.

Today, Aunt Susan came over. As usual, she was showing the girls something cool. In this case, it was a yoga headstand that they have practiced before.

As she was preparing to move into position, she reminded them that when a person is doing a headstand, the other people watching should keep their hands near their bodies and should not touch the person in the headstand.

Beezus didn't miss a beat and said, "Yeah, just like in a museum you have to keep your hands to yourself !"

Yeah, just like that !


Fiona said...

Wow ... I thought this photo was of you and I was thinking "Go TSM, impressive!!". I'm still impressed that Susan does this though.

dc604 said...

and the wall is just a safety, i can actually do it without touching!!!!

it's really sweet when they repeat the directions to themselves, "hold your elbows, now put your hands together, slide your head down, bottom up, legs up!" and then they laugh when they feel their legs up in the air!

this is why we need yoga in schools!

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