Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our personal security system

A few months ago my neighborhood friend Avonlea and I ran into each other at our kids school in the morning. I was lamenting to Avonlea that I had a kid-free day that day but I had so much to do (I was getting ready for the spring co-op sale) that while I wished we could have lunch together I just couldn't. She offered to help me, I said I couldn't possibly impose on her in that way, but I suggested that she bring over a project she was working on and we could just hang out. It was so much fun to spend that day together and we each got a major project done.

Fast forward a few months and we never had the chance again. But, Avonlea is in grad school and her teacher husband and daughter were at home a lot over the summer, which meant that it was hard for her to get schoolwork done at home. One morning she was lamenting that it was a pain to go to the library to study because she couldn't go to the bathroom without packing up all her stuff and she couldn't bring her lunch to the library. I suggested that she hang out at our house during the day while I putzed around. I made lunch, she brought this AWESOME fruit parfait (fruit, nonfat greek honey yogurt, and granola) and again we each got a lot done and visited over lunch.

This extended into a new arrangement - she would come and hang at our house while I was at work for the day. She also let my dogs out in the backyard a couple times during the day and I loved that the dogs had some company.

I loved having Avonlea in my house during the day. Although we joked about her going through my medicine cabinets, there's really nothing to find there. It served a purpose for both of us. It felt so comforting to know someone was there, and between her and my barky dogs I also knew that my house was safe for the day !

I encourage other families to look for similar arrangements - a mother of young children would probably LOVE the chance to take a nap at your house one day on the weekend while you're visiting family in another state. Perhaps you would be willing to house-sit for friends and have a date night on your friend's sofa with a DVD and a babysitter back at your house.

Sadly, fall is now here her husband is back in the classroom and her daughter is back into her school routine, so my own personal security system is no more. But it's a wonderful coincidence that we each have some kid-free time each week and it just happens to fall at the same time !

I'm going to try and think of similar arrangements to see my other friends - I don't get nearly as much time with them as I would like. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to some more fruit parfait !

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Sandy said...

I wish I lived closer!

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