Monday, August 23, 2010


Oh my lordie. We've had company in some form or another for a week. Combine that with getting ready the few days before plus some mad frenetic Craig's List selling and I have fallen far behind on my blog writing and blog reading. It's very, very rare that I fall behind on my blog reading.

The house isn't too bad but there are lots of things not in the proper place. The girls room is getting new furniture in a week or two and I want to try and sell their current furniture on Craig's List before the new furniture arrives, which means that they'll be living out of baskets for a few days. So, I need to get started arranging that. Add in some civic responsibilities, my responsibilities for the upcoming co-op sale, and the usual minutae of managing a home and family, oh and working and you've got one scatterbrained Mrs. Quimby. Luckily, I anticipated this and have built in some kid free time for myself this week which I desperately need. This kid free time coincides nicely with the girls' first week of school in their new classrooms. Speaking of which . . .

I am so glad that Mr. Q and I never pursued early admission for Beezus to the kindergarten class at our local public school. The thought of my not quite yet 5 year old going into a classroom with 22 children, no aide, and eating lunch in a lunchroom is just too much for me to fathom. Not to mention that they start school at 7:45am which would be quite a change of pace from our leisurely mornings. Beezus will be in a state AND NAEYC accredited kindergarten class, with 18 children, a teacher, and two aides. They have an hour for rest time, lunch in their classroom, and time to play outside. The class also starts at the sensible time of 9am which works better for our family. I'm a big fan of public schools in general, and also a fan of our local public school. But it's just not the right fit for my almost five year.

I can't believe Beezus starts kindergarten tomorrow. It seems like I wrote these two posts forever ago ! Pre-School and Life Angst and I Just . . .

I also have too many blog posts rattling around in my head and I need to get those out.

So, stay tuned. More to come !


Stacy said...

Good luck on the big first day! I'm so nervous about putting the kids on the bus on Wednesday.

We're lucky - our schools start at 9:00 through 4th grade. Much, much better than 7:45!!

Laurie said...

Oh my goodness! I hope it's a wonderful 1st day.

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