Friday, August 13, 2010

An Intentional Purchase

Since I take my thrift shopping pretty seriously, especially when it comes to kids items (that are so easy to find on sale, on clearance, or even better, second hand) you know it is a BIG deal when I purchase something for my kids that is new from the store. Especially when that new from the store thing is books, which are so easily found for a nominal fee at the thrift store or for FREE at the library.

But that's what Mr. Quimby and I did today. We purchased 12 (TWELVE) books for Beezus and Ramona at Costco !!!

Go ahead, pick you chin up off the floor. Here are the questions you may be thinking :

TSM, what were these wondrous books that compelled you to make such an out of character purchase ?
They were 12 of the books in the Cat in the Hat Learning Library series.
TSM, what attracted you to these books ?
I first learned about them from WhyMommy. In fact, she offered a give-away on her blog Toddler Planet and I won ! Then she sent me a book called Miles and Miles of Reptiles ! In the comment I left entering myself in the giveaway I mentioned something to the effect that natural science was not a strength or interest for me, and so I felt that I had to make that much more of an effort to engage my children to make up for my weakness. I knew that Beezus liked them already because we have already read her the one that we won from WhyMommy.
TSM, why did you purchase them new ?
I really asked myself some hard questions as I was considering this purchase. Here were my reasons:
1. I believe in the quality of these books, for all the reasons that are listed in this post on Toddler Planet.
2. These books are new, so they will be difficult to find second-hand.
3. These books are new, so they will be popular at the library. Additionally, because I want the girls to develop a depth of knowledge on these topics, we will read them several times and then hopefully return to them as reference materials.
4. The net price per book at Costco worked out to be $3.67 per book, which is a pretty darn good price per book.

Here are some photos of my lovely, younger sister reading the book we won from WhyMommy to Beezus. Isn't she lovely ? My sister, that is. Have I ever told you that she is an early childhood educator with a master's degree in early childhood education ? Oh, I have ? 37 times you say ? Wow, that must be annoying. (Hmm, I'm running through my regular readers and thinking who will leave the first comment that says: Yes. It is annoying.) She is really, really smart, has a positive attitude, listens to NPR approximately 22 hours a day, enjoys working out, reading, watching tv, meditating, dancing and cooking. She's also single.

Well, I should sign off now. It was nice knowing y'all because the aforementioned sister will very likely have beat me up for trolling for a boyfriend for her on my blog.

But seriously, isn't she lovely ?!?!?!

P.S. She also makes a FANTASTIC empanada !!!


AwwwTrouble said...

So, hat to break it to you, but I've picked up some of the books in the series at the thrift store - the ocean one (wish for a fish?) and the bird one. Cute books. But a great purchase, and a great price!

I have got to get your sister's e-mail and give her the e-mail of Rich's friend. Falling down on the job! Next week, after vacation.

Elaine said...

TSM Sister - I will punch TSM in the face for you if I see her before you do. Just drop me a note if you've already done it!

We have a few of these books. They make an awesome party trick at the ocean, because undoubtedly, someone will ask "why is the ocean salty" and then Connor will go into a huge poem about why the Earth is salty and it's funny every time. Every time.

Ellen Griswold said...

She is SO going to make you pay for this. However, I like it! I also vote for going to the local fire station with a box of cookies and her picture & email address on top. Just sayin'.

Thrift Store Mama said...

Nice knowing you Sarah.

Rachel et Natalie said...

I don't know these books but will look into them. I will also need some answers. I discovered a library for children in Kensington, quite nice.

Regarding your blogging about your sister, isn't it what sisters do for each other? Don't they look for each other's happiness and welfare.

dc604 said...

tsm sister...weighing in.
first of all, its true, i am REALLY smart. second, my sisters rock. third, i try to live each day through a yogic lifestyle to embody the yama and niyama of life. (google it).

So, therefore, I must be "all that, and a bag of chips". my secret desire is to appear on NPR in any way, shape, or form, but mostly to call in to CarTalk or be featured on This American Life. But it would also be great to be a contestant on Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me or tell a story on Snap Judgement (love that guy!). Praire Home Companion-suck it!

Laurie said...

I thought the first picture in your post was you! From the profile, you two look sooo similar.

Never heard of the books either. Laurence, we're both living on another planet I suppose.

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