Friday, August 6, 2010


About the only thing that my commute is good for is that it gives me interrupted time to think. Since I work off-hours the traffic isn't bad and I don't make any stops, so it's a good stretch of 30 minutes for some alone time.

Sometimes I think about something that's bothering me, sometimes I daydream, sometimes I think about a book I'm reading, you get the idea. Recently, I've spent time mentally re-decorating the girls room (a post on that is coming).

But the most marvelous is when I let my mind wander. That's what I was doing a couple weeks ago.

I had an idea stuck in my mind and so I pulled it out to think about it (like Dumbledore's Pensive). I had met a friend's mother at our town 4th of July celebration and we were chatting. The mother mentioned that one of the things she treasured most from her time raising her children was when they used to go to the beach every summer for a month. She said it was the kind of place where the kids could run around by themselves and she didn't really worry about them too much and that it was such a change, a break, from their everyday lives.

I started thinking about this. Could we do this ? I could probably swing 2-3 weeks in a small house in an unpopular area. I'd like to go for just a week next summer and then go for 3 weeks when they are both at least 6-7 years old. But I had planned on starting a small "Mrs. Quimby's France trip" fund soon, and some of those funds would have to be diverted to this new area "Give kids a summer break" fund. I'm not thinking of it so much as a vacation/holiday - but more of a time to live with a different sort of experience than we currently do. So, I started thinking about my criteria:

1. Most important - I envision a place where my girls can walk to a little store on a corner to buy candy when they are 8 years old. A sort of "small town" feel to it.
2. Withing 2.5 hours of our house (Washington, DC) so that Mr. Quimby can visit us on the weekends. If I have an internet connection, I can handle my work remotely, but I'll probably also have to go to work for a couple days within a 3 week period, but then Mr. Q would stay with the girls at the house.
3. Within a 10-15 minute drive of a place where we can swim. Lake, bay, ocean doesn't really matter.
4. Housing to be less than $1000/week.
5. Shopping and restaurants don't matter as much - as long as there is a grocery store nearby.
6. Mr. Quimby would love a view of some sorts where he can sit and watch something (boats, birds, something).

We've been to Chincoteague and I love the feel of it, but it might be too far. My friend suggested Lewes, Delaware and it seems to fit the bill.

Any other suggestions ?


Stacy said...

No suggestions since I'm in a different area but the idea sound wonderful! What a great time you'll have - and the memories!!

(I also like the Pensive reference. I read it and knew exactly what you were describing about your thoughts!)

Thrift Store Mama said...

MM - I'm not surprised that you understood my pensive reference. I can tell that our minds work in similar ways !

Sandy said...

You can schedule me to go for a week or so with you and then you and the hubby can both go to work!!! Or my hubby and I can rent for a week very close door!! How much fun would that be!

Thrift Store Mama said...

Sandy, you were on my short list of people that I would ask to come and visit !!!

AwwwTrouble said...

It is like you read my mind sometimes. Chincoteague is too far, probably. Lewes is still 3+ hours. Cambridge, MD. On the river, picturesque, 2 hours plus a little. Not a huge rental market, though. I think you might have to think west- WVA. Lost River area. Maybe around Berkely springs.

I want ot buy a place so it is ours, but maybe I should think month-long rental, too.

Mike said...

Sounds Great, E! I JUST visited Lewes Delaware for work. It is EXACTLY what you described. Small town feel...close to water...friendly people...quiet...but still things to do..The scenery was beautiful. You'd like it. It was only 1.5 hours away. Easy Drive.

Mike said...

oops...i said 1.5. I meant 2.5 hours away. from bowie it was about 2 hours or so...

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