Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Elementary, my dear Mrs. Quimby

Well, it's as easy as that. A little more sleep, a little bit of exercise, some good talks with Mr. Quimby and I'm back on track.

I feel great. It's 9:42pm right now and I'm not tired yet and I'm feeling super motivated. Of course, that also could be because my jazzercise teacher mouthed "I can see you working hard" at me tonight and you all know I LOVE getting recognized by the teacher.

Several of you have contacted me to ask if I was "okay" after my induction/deduction post. And yes, I am okay and I was okay when I wrote that post. I'm just incredibly self aware (not bragging, although it does sound like bragging, doesn't it ?) and I choose to blog about it !

(Of course, two of you thought it was a lead up to announcing a pregnancy, which it was not. What a surprise that would be to Mr. Quimby and me !!!)

See, the thing is, I refuse to "feel funny" for more than a few days. RE.FUSE. Because I remember that string of months about 11 years ago (OMG - was it really that long ago ?) where I "felt funny" and then it got a little worse and I felt downright bad. I will never let myself feel that way again. As God as my witness ! I was always a fairly happy person until that period, and I knew something was wrong. And it was. Some external pressure, and some internal pressure, and a quarter-life crisis and a pinch of a difficult living situation (Mr. Quimby and I were the house parents in a sorority house) and . . . WHAM !

Luckily I had (and still have) a really, really fabulous husband, supportive family and I found some good counselors that got me through the first few months, and then the next couple years, and then . . . I found Kelly.

If I had thought I was mentally and emotionally healthy before (which I was) it was nothing compared to how I changed with Kelly as my counselor. She helped me figure out lots of things related to how I functioned at work, she helped me see that I really did want to have children and what's more, that I could handle raising children. I also really credit her for helping me to stave off postpartum depression after those children came. I never became perfect - I still ate too many sweets for comfort and I continued to deliberately push Mr. Quimby's buttons too often, but she helped me create this amazing foundation and I am so, so grateful to her.

Hmm, you know when you think you are going to post about one thing and then your fingers start typing another thing - that's what just happened. Interesting.

And so, I am going to take my own advice and sign off, go upstairs and snuggle with Mr. Quimby while watching a little tv, and then head to bed in plenty of time to get a good 8 hours sleep before waking up to prepare for an exciting day with those children I once worried that I wouldn't be able to handle (see above). We're headed to the dry cleaner, then a return at Costco, and then a nice long morning and lunch at the pool. There will be some negotiating, probably a little whining, and lots and lots of patience, and calmness, and laughing and giggling.

I know that life will continue to throw me challenges. And I'm certainly not suggesting that all of life's problems can be solved by my inductive/deductive reasoning. But for me, asking the questions and identifying the REAL issues keeps me on track.

And this track feels pretty darn awesome.

(Thank you Kelly.)
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