Saturday, August 28, 2010

Conversations with Beezus: Potties

I love our basement. It's unfinished but clean and it's big with three separate rooms. I find it to be cozy. Some of the girls toys are down there and I even have a little nook for them with some kid chairs. There's even a half bath - not pretty, but clean.

Beezus and I were relaxing down there the other night while Mr. Q was getting Ramona ready for bed. We were having a snack, sitting quietly side by side. In that moment, I felt so . . . satisfied with my life, my house, everything. Beezus must have sensed my feelings because she sighed contentedly and said, "Mommy, I love this pretty house. It just has so many potties."


dc604 said...

she is so sensitive in that way...knowing that you're content and translating it to herself...then somehow communicating it back to you! she has often given me compliments on my house.
but my favorite was the other week when i put my shoe on and realized (with a pained look on my face) that i had a blister - she was gone without a word and came back with a bandaid - i thanked her for the Strawberry shortcake rescue and we went out to play!

Elaine said...

Are you sure Beezus is not a man?

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