Friday, July 9, 2010

A welcome surprise

I finished up the design* for Ramona's birthday cake yesterday, purchased supplies yesterday evening and started preparations for Ramona's birthday cake last night by baking the cakes. When I went to bed at midnight, the kitchen counter was covered with clean dishes needing to be put away from dinner and my cake making session.

This morning I've got a couple errands planned for the girls and I and then lunch and a playdate. So, when I walked down the stairs my mind was turned "ON" thinking of the things I needed to do in the next 90 minutes, including waking, feeding, and dressing the girls. Mr. Quimby had left very early for work.

Look what I saw when I walked in the kitchen.

Not only are all the breakfast cereals arranged on the counter (I have to get a stool to reach them) but the girls juice is poured and all our utensils are ready, including the little pitcher that they use to pour their own milk. In addition, their sandwiches are made for our lunch, their morning snack is ready to toss in the car (snack mix-up we call it: couple crackers, couple nuts, a few raisins . . . ), and our water bottles are ready for the day.

Sure, flowers and jewelery always makes a fine gift, but THIS sort of gift saves me time. And isn't time the greatest gift** of all ?

Thank you Mr. Quimby. You are a fantastic husband and you clearly demonstrate over and over again that our family is your #1 priority. I love you. I promise not to stay up until 1am decorating Ramona's cake tonight.

*by finish the design I mean scribble on a piece of post-it note with a pencil
**(okay, maybe the greatest gift is love, but work with me here.)


Stacy said...

Way to go, Mr. Quimby! What a fabulous surprise to come downstairs to!!!


Rachel et Natalie said...

yes, these gifts are so valuable.

Sandy said...

Those Quimby men are full of surprises!

Marya said...

Wow! Amazing! Nice work Quimby!

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