Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Theology Payback Time

As you know, I like to introduce some religious and theological concepts to Beezus and Ramona. What is equally as important is that I also teach them to think critically about these issues. Admittedly, the thinking critically part will come into play moreso when they are older; and for now, I'm tickled when they parrot things back to me and proud when they say things that seem to indicate some sort of understanding.

For example, Ramona is very quick to tell Beezus if she does something unkind to her that it "hurts God's feelings." Of course, they lump in lots of things under that category, including those things that I'm pretty sure don't concern God at all !

This morning, I got the girls started on their breakfast and putzed around the kitchen for a few minutes. By the time I came out to join them, they were just about finished. They finished eating, got up from the table and started to play yet another game that they've made up. In an effort to entice them back for just a few more bites to fortify them for the day ahead, I said "But I'm lonely over here. Come and sit with me and keep me company."

Beezus' reply ?

"Mommy, God is sitting next to you and keeping you company. God is always with you."

She is a clever one !

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