Thursday, June 24, 2010

To preserve and protect

Mr. Quimby and I do a lot to preserve and protect our children's childhood.

The most obvious is that they don't watch non-age-appropriate shows on network tv. Even if it is "cartoons" such as spider man, batman, sponge bob square pants, etc or even if it isn't "that bad" like the Food Network or something, they still don't watch it. Beyond that, they also don't watch Nickelodeon, Disney, etc. because we don't want them to see the commercials. They do watch 20-40 minutes of an age appropriate video in the evenings after dinner. We own some and our library has a great selection, so they've seen a good variety of Dora, Sesame Street, Clifford, and Curious George. They've also watched some Charlie Brown, some Winnie the Pooh and some non-commercialized random kids stuff. Sure enough, any thing they have EVER seen on a DVD they know exactly what it is.

Although I used to NEVER buy character licensed things for them in a regular store (although I would at the thrift store) the dollar aisle at Target always has at least 2-3 options of Hello Kitty, Disney princesses, dora, sesame street, etc. I rarely go to Target and they rarely go with me, so more often than not it's me picking these things out for them, and I do so happily. They LOVE their presents from their aunts that have these characters, and I LOVE that they have aunts that buy these things for them.

Beyond that issue, we also don't talk about adult topics around them. People being ill, car accidents, Iraq/Afganistan, etc. They have very little exposure to the big kids, so they don't pick up on big kid swear words. Somehow Esther has still managed to learn the eye roll and how to cop an attitude though.

What we haven't been able to protect them from is our own swearing. My favorite is "Dammit" usually said in conjunction with me dropping something. Admittedly, I probably only swear in front of them once every couple weeks. Mr. Quimby's favorite is "Jesus Christ" muttered usually just loud enough for me to hear and most often uttered when he is frustrated with them or me !

Funnily enough, a couple weeks ago Ramona was whining and being difficult and Beezus walked away from her muttering "Jesus Christ Ramona." I just ignored her. A week or so later, she did the same thing while Mr. Q was around. He looked at her, she looked at him . . . and after a pause started singing "Jesus Christ is risen today, alleluia . . . "

How she figured that out, I'll never know. And here we are working so hard to protect her and she figures this little bit of trickery out all by herself !

Edited a few days later to add: I realized after I wrote this that I hadn't been entirely honest. We sit with the girls occasionally and let them watch the weather channel for a few minutes. If somebody is having a tantrum this often helps them calm down afterwards. Also, they have also watched some of the songs on High School Musical II. In fact, Beezus watched those songs every night for about 3 months when she was 2 years old and she knew all the words.


Stacy said...

I love it!

I took my kids to a movie last week and there was a sticker on the counter advertising another movie. I didn't pay much attention to it until my son said, "Mom, what does "Jack Ass" mean?" Sure enough - a movie with that name! Ugh. I explained and both kids found it hilarious that people don't just say "butt" :)


Elaine said...

That's awesome! Reminds me of what I posted today about Helen asking why I said dammit and last year, when Helen spilled sunscreen all over and while Connor was "helping" Ed clean it up, Connor muttered "Jesus Christ, Helen". HA!

dc604 said...

she did that when she was at my house, looks at me, smiles, and says, "jesus christ." then sings the song.

later she suggested it would be funny if we all said "bathroom" words! at least she's not calling people a "b" like on of my kindergarteners did!

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