Saturday, June 12, 2010

Legitimately Helpful

You know, I think these two kids are starting to earn their keep around here. Beezus is a pro at folding small blankets, pillowcases and washcloths, Ramona can hold open doors for me when my arms are full, and they will both wash endless piles of dishes. They will load or unload the dishwasher when cajoled and they are willing to sort laundry by colors when they feel so inclined. Ramona is in heaven when permitted to sweep the floor !

Today, though, Ramona won the usefulness contest. Mr. Quimby and I were getting ready to go out for date night (woo hoo !) and I absent mindedly remarked that I couldn't find my make-up bag. Well, evidently Ramona had been keeping her eye on the "forbidden-to-touch" make-up bag because she piped up right away "It's on the desk, Mommy !"

Now if only they could go down to the basement and get me a diet coke without me having to get up and turn the light on for them !

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Stacy said...

Ah, mine are finally old enough to get me a Diet Coke, poured into a glass with ice. Life. Is. Good.

I keep meaning to post to you about the Ramona movie! Have you heard that a movie version is coming out? Every time I see it, I think of you :)

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