Monday, June 28, 2010


I want to share a video with you all that is making it's way around the internet, but first I have to offer a few disclaimers . . .

1. I am not familiar with the church that published this video. For all I know there could be subliminal messages recorded underneath the song that are making it's way into your subconsciousness.

2. I tried to read up on the church a little bit to find out who/what they are affiliated with. Being a life-long Catholic, I just don't understand how somebody can just up and start their own church. Aren't all the churches out there good enough ? But, as I'm typing this I'm laughing at myself because I'm not sure that St. Peter filed paperwork and followed any official approval process !!!

3. This church has at least 20 people on staff and only one of them is a woman. I'm a little suspicious.

4. The video certainly doesn't take into account the complexities of being a father and it definitely stereotypes and generalizes fatherhood.

All that being said, it is HYSTERICAL and awesomely FUNNY !!!

Dad Life from Church on the Move on Vimeo.


Jaymie said...

lol that was pretty funny, i love when hes blowing bubbles at the end!

Laurie said...

I thought this was funny. Thanks for posting

Maud said...

The bit where he cries to A Whole New World (which I happen to know is from Aladdin) is the best.

Stacy said...

This is completely unrelated to your post but I'm trying to get to you and can't find email :)

Are you still interested in Google Voice? (from here - If so, let me know - I have an invite if you want it!


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